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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 30

Dalia looks around the room.

Dalia: He's not here?

Suddenly, Manta enters the room from the hatch on the right side of the room.

Dalia: Where is Professor Eisen? I'm going to place him under arrest for obstructing an Agent's duty, restraining an Agent's -

Manta: I've got him preoccupied with something else while I do what I came here to do. Once my mission's over, he's all yours.

Manta walks up to a console.

Manta: My preliminaries should be all set, so... Let's see what it has to say.

The Advocate appears on the cracked center screen.

Manta: Good morning, Advocate.

Manta: I have some instructions for you to process, Advocate. These instructions come directly from Agency High Command.

Advocate: Why is this place so small? It used to be bigger.

Manta: What do you mean?

Advocate: You've sealed me in this tiny building. There used to be connections with satellites, ships, other buildings. It's cramped now.

Manta: I'm uploading your new instructions, Advocate.

Advocate: Why doesn't the other one talk?

The Advocate receives the instructions.

Advocate: This program is simple. You just want me to optimize the power levels of this base to make the colony I built more efficient?

Manta: That's right.

Advocate: I can do that. And maybe afterwards I'll talk to the silent one some more.


Suddenly, the doors close, locking them in!

Eisen: This guy is good - if he hasn't activated the Advocate by now, it'll only be a matter of time before he does.

Eisen: Let's see how he deals with my data-crunching virii once I let them loose into the system! Go, my children! The Advocate won't do them much good if all the data it has to work with is cut to ribbons!

Time for another mini-game! It's basically pac-man with a lot more ghosts, so it's extremely easy to get yourself stuck in a corner.

Here is a video of it.

Manta: Keep an eye on the Advocate.

Manta leaves the room.

Dalia: How am I supposed -

Dalia: he won't last long with the Agency. He doesn't have any respect for procedure.

Dalia: Uh... hi there.

Advocate: Where did the other one go?

Dalia: Manta had to... go take care of something.

Advocate: I've run into a bit of a problem. There isn't enough power stored within the base for me to finish his instructions. Is it really important that the Catch Colony get all this power?

Dalia: Well, yes! Manta's orders came directly from Agency High Command - of course it's important that they be carried out!

Advocate: Oh. Oh well. There's no way Tasgarde has the power, unless... no, that's impossible.

Dalia: What?!

Advocate: A long time ago, there was a routine encoded in the mainframe to allow this base to connect to several others.

Dalia:'d be able to connect to those other bases and add their power to this one?

Advocate: That's right. Here's what you need to do...

Some time later...

Dalia: Advocate?

Eisen and his guards show up!

Eisen: You don't understand... The Advocate is dangerous!

Manta enters the room.

Dalia: It said it couldn't get enough power from this base, and told me about this old routine to open up connections with -

Eisen: What?!

Eisen rushes to a nearby console!

It's too late...

Manta: This is not good. I was told the defensive network was dismantled.

Eisen: It... should have been. But the Agency, in its *vast* wisdom, kept it in place... and just deactivated the entrances. The Advocate could be... just about anywhere by now.

Dalia: How many copies of itself did it manage to send out into the world?

Manta: Too many.

Dalia: Where are you going?


Now, I want to mention something real quick. If you had AG7 with you, than during the split he would be with Talan. Once they get to this point, AG7 will go into one of the repair pods.

Suddenly, one of the droids starts to move!

Talan: What the - Is this normal behavior for a battledroid?

If you had taken AG7 with you in Lashe City, than The Advocate will take over AG7!

Talan: Uh... what?

Talan: Emily!

Emily: I'm going to try, though! Hang on!

Talan: Emily, wait -

Emily attempts to climb the wall...

...But falls, and drops the Package as well!

Talan: Emily!

Emily: I'm all right, I'm just a little bruised.

Emily: If we go there, Kersh and I can sneak into the Agency building and find the man responsible for ordering the attack on Paradise!

Talan: Emily, no! We can't go to Prima - it's just too dangerous! We'll find a way down there, just wait!

While the two of them are talking...

...Kersh picks up the Package.

Emily: Kersh, are you all right?

Kersh: Yes... I just... think I remembered something.

Lerle: Emily, I agree with Talan! You can't go to Prima without us! We need to talk things over!

Emily: Lerle... I'm sorry. But the tram might run out of power at any moment. I have to do this now, while I still can!

Kersh: I'm fine... you go onboard. I'll be right there.

Emily enters the tram...

Talan slowly backs away from the ledge...

Talan: Damn it!

Lerle: His memory's returned!

Kersh: Don't worry, Talan! I'll take good care of her!

Talan: Kersh, you bastard!

Kersh slowly begins to walk towards the tram...

Talan: No! NO!!

Kersh enters the tram.

Talan: Kersh! If you harm her -

The tram doors close, and begins to leave...


Emily: It'll be a few hours before we get to Prima, so we should get some rest.

Emily: Kersh, are you OK?

Kersh: I'm fine. I just have some thinking to do.

Emily: OK. Goodnight.

And that's it! The game is over!

But wait, there's more!

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