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by Tobias Grant

Part 31: Final Update

So while the main game is done, I still have one more thing to do before I can call this LP finished. In this post I'll show off both of the remaining playable characters you could get in Paradise.


First are the Defenders.

Isabella, unsurprisingly, is happy with our choice.

Off to the Quarry!

The mining mini-game is somewhat simple, but has quite a few annoying traits to it.

First, we need to buy a pickaxe.

Depending on what pick you buy, it will have a set chance of breaking. You can only take one pick-axe with you at a time. Luckily, I had enough to buy the Enchanted Pickaxe, which will never break.

You also have to equip it (I think).

In random places in the mine are bits of grass. If you walk on one of them, you have to fight a Defender. After successfully beating one, the trigger does not go away, so if you walk on the same patch again, you have to fight another Defender.

I got hung up here for about a minute because of an annoying bug. After beating the Defender, the game will automatically move you off of the patch of grass. In this little spot, it will always move you up, and I kept pushing down on accident, so I ended up fighting about 4 defenders which sucked up a massive amount of my time.

I still just barely managed to make it to the last rock, though.

Some very nice rewards for getting them all.

Stuff is happening!

Fun fact, you still have the Pickaxe, so be sure to unequip it unless you find the idea of killing bandits with a pickaxe hilarious.

Like I do.


One of the bandits kills a farmer.

And pulls out a bow.

Talan tries to stop it, but is too late.

Isabella takes the Arrow meant for Drago.

Now she's poisoned, and Drago was captured by the Bandits. Sern (The guy who told us to mine rocks) says we should launch a full attack, while Talan says that he and Sern should go alone. Pierson goes with Talan's idea.

Sern's gimmick as a fairly awesome one. After he gains enough souls from watching enemies (no idea on how that works...) he can forge some impressive weapons.

An example of the stuff he can make. I won't be making any of it, though, since I won't be playing with him long enough to make anything good.

His Learn from Enemy skill in action.

Anyway, time to pay the Bandits a visit.


Yeah, the Bandits were payed off by the Agency to keep some defenders busy. Talan and Sern then got captured.


Oh yeah, and Drago got eaten by a monster. WELP.

The Bandits actually have a rather effective security system. If they try anything, the Bandits will kick down the bridge.

Of course, they try and escape anyway.

Sern throws one of the bandits off the edge, and Sern and Talan try to cross the bridge.

It goes about as well as can be expected.

We're treated to a delightful cutscene where the monster eats the bandit, and then jumps away.

Oh hey, Drago is still alive.

The Lair isn't really tough, he just has alot of HP. he can also heal about 80-100 HP, but that happens rarely.

So after saving Drago, he joins the party. He doesn't have any unique gimmick, but he does have a ton of combat skills.

Also found this robe, although by this point in the game, SP isn't really a problem. Although Kersh would probably benefit greatly from it.


Son of a bitch.

And so they all head back to Paradise, and the game progresses as normal. I'm not quite sure, but I think Sern is the only one who sticks around with Talan. Not quite sure what Drago does, but based on the trailer both he and Isabella are still alive, and Sern apparently joins the Agency since he had a ton of combat droids on his side.


And now for the Farmer occupation.

Farmer is by FAR the worst of the bunch.

The fact that out first task is to torch some bugs doesn't really help it.

We have to check around the storage sheds for any bug nests we can. They are only ever in pots and under tables, so that should narrow your search down quite a bit.

There are also some encounters, but I just ran from them all, since there's no real point to fighting them, at least not for me since I didn't plan to play for long.

It doesn't take long to clear all the nests out, but it is boring.

one thing that's unique to the Defender and Farmer occupation is that they are linked together.

This time, instead of hunting the bandits down, we need to search for Isabella's cure by hunting an alligator.

Radin here is the worst party member, because he is absolutely worthless in combat, and his gimmick blows. By this point in the game, money should not be hard to come by, so it's better to just buy your items instead of attempting to make them.

Anyway, off to the marsh.

Yeah, it's one of THOSE dungeons.

I like that there is an enemy that is named 'actual viper,' since it implies that there is an enemy that is called "Not-an-Actual Viper."

This place is huge, and has a ton of damaging tiles that you more or less have to walk over. It's very easy to get lost

Our destination is that bit of water.

Radin tries to lure the Aligator out of the water, turns around, and promptly get's his ass bitten.

The Murgator is a tough bastard.

he also has a very useful skill, the Might of Redwoods, which greatly increases your attack.

He is not afraid to cast this skill on himself.

He does a shit ton of damage, and has a chance to attack trice in one turn, which means he can do about 90 damage a turn.

We're all currently in the best gear we can get. This guy will wreck your shit.

I still manage to just barely beat him, though.

Now while I hate this plot branch, it does have one amazing moment.


Talan jumps in after him.

We then hunt him down and kill him. He was easier the second time since he didn't buff his attack as much as he did the first time.

And the game progresses as normal.


And that's it. While there is still some stuff I haven't shown of in the game (Like the Lazer Teeth character.) I feel like I've done what I can to do the game justice.