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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 35

Lets go north-ish. Not much of interest, just a few Lizards to the left.

We meet someone running for their life who warns us that monsters are here and nothing more.

Scorpions don't scare me.

They do, however, absolutely destroy Aishlinn with 30 damage of poison. Ouch.

The lizardmen want gladiators. I'm a gladiator, but saying that has got me into trouble in the past so I keep that on the downlow.

I don't know who Arant is.

Ah, so they sell gladiators for profit. That's kind of a dickish thing to do.

They won't tell me who hired them.

But they have a statue piece. Interesting. And very needed.

I try to talk him down.

18,000? Whatever. I should probably kill these guys, but they are willing to deal so I'll just spend the cash.

I have no idea what gladiators they are talking about, and they don't want to talk anymore. I guess I'll go find Arant at some point and come back here.

I go north and find a really interesting area.

There's a drum circle. Dirty hippies.

Couple guards with tents that I am unable to interact with.

Some...thing... on the ground.

I'm getting a king-kong kind of vibe here.

And that settles it. King Kong.

And there is a bridge I am unable to cross.

Every guard stops me, says the same thing, then lets me walk around unimpeded. You can see a horn that I am able to interact with, but I just keep walking.

It's a grappling hook! I know what to use this for!

But first I need to see if there is anything under that loincloth.

Deploy grappling hook!

I'm too far away to talk, and it took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to get down to her.

Crap yeah.

He's a strong one, mister grinch.


They go down like bitches.

Some guy shows up, angry that I did what I did.

He gets Kug'd and Kornec'd

He has some good armor. No more getting stuck in webs and shit for Kug!

I chat up the smokin hottie.

I knew she sounded familiar!

Woooooo free spells!

Yeah, I gotta go back there anyway.

These guys don't do anything. I tried every option with them and go nothing. I kill them, they dissappear. I tell them to give me everything they have and I get zilch. They're not slavers, so I just let them live.

And then I chase them around like cattle because they are scared of me. I killed their god, so they just run from me.

The horn is useless now.

I'm going left.

That's a lot of guards. I think I just found Arant, didn't I?