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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

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Original Thread: 1993 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands [SSLP]



I am the guy who never beat video games as a kid because I was too dumb. I'm back with another one.

I dug out more CDs, but we're going to start with Shattered Lands because (and I quote my 9 year old self here) "Woah, this one has a praying mantis on the cover! Gnarly!" My 9 year old self failed miserably at this game mostly because I thought 4 Thri-Kreen mages was a good idea. Or psionists. I don't even know what psionists means. I also don't know if Thri-Kreen is right, but that's what I'm calling them until someone corrects me and then I'll continue to spell it however the hell I want.

There is a good link to Abandonware if you google the name it has a bunch of screenshots and some video or something.

This LP will follow my others, except this one can have much more user input which is hopefully a good thing.

If you continue to read this be prepared for the following: Copious swearing, spelling mistakes, terrible gifs, lame jokes, inept game management, forgetting to save and having my Windows95 virtual machine crash and then having to replay a bunch, and other such shenanigans.

Things you should not expect: Sound, Brilliant gameplay, Showing you neat tricks about the game like that one guy who got 100% complete on Quest For Glory. Fuck him for making me feel like an idiot playing those games.

I haven't even read the manual. I will, but my priority is writing this long-winded bullshit that no one will read and care about.

To get us started here is the introduction to the game.

And now we get to the character creation part. I need to create 4 characters. I remember giants being the only thing that helped me through the game because once all my praying mantis mages died I added fighter giants and just punched everything to death.

Here is a gif of me cycling through the character creation menu. You can see the options. Some races can only be certain things, others can be anything.

So to begin I need 4 characters created, preferably not as dumb as I did as a kid. Try to be smarter than a kid who was wearing florescent orange shorts for fucks sake.

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