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by Spermy Smurf

Part 44

I think I can have this thing wrapped up by Friday.

I return the poison flower to the merchant in hopes he can give me the extract. That does not happen. Argh. No magic poison dagger for me. Also, I'm curious how a dead mage is growing anxious.

New go-fetch quest. "Go north, find birds, find lump in sand, kill lump in sand"

Wand I got for the Terror Bloom flower.

I see birds and a lump in the sand!

How the fucking shit would a 9 year old find this? Took me 5 minutes to figure out how to get down there.

That was easy.

Yeah yeah I got it simmer down. I got some shield and a banana. Shield isn't anything special, the fire resistant drake shield I have is better.

Oh, this is a well, not the cave entrance. The well goes down to the place with the shadows that need hearts.

I go capture her essence into the gem like some kind of pokemon.

But noooo, I don't have this guys heart-gem. Bet its in the caves!

But first I take a look at the diary of the shadow we just chatted to. There was a forbidden love, found out by her father, A'poss did some shit for no discernable reason.

You guys see the cave? Don't scroll down, really look for it.

Took me 23 minutes. I have a 23 minute gap between screenshots while I looked EVERYWHERE for that fucking cave entrance. 23 minutes. Do you know how long that is when you are moving an inch at a time and clicking on everything that is possibly a slightly different shade than everything else?

In here we have spiders up top on the light-colored paths, and some kind of underground human-thing on the more reddish part.

This dude looks interesting.

He's an outcast, he thinks the spiders are harmless and will be peaceful traders.

Ending curses is kind of what I do. I don't want to brag, but I'm really good at it. Consider it done.

I haven't talked to anyone else, not a single other one of the underworld people, but fuck it, lead on. I've got a headache and dont want to read their bullshit whining.

Okay, I'll go on alone. Thanks for leading me these 12 steps. Shit, I can still see your bed from here.

I pinky promise.

This looks important and it's on the way....

You all get it? He has magic protection necklaces and the fungas is enchanted with bad stuff. He also made a more badass necklace that can stop the curse too. Luckily the necklace is in the chest here.

The guy is kind of a dick and I fully expect to be meeting a Lich-Tara in about 20 minutes.

Those guys should have put on these necklaces.

What up queeny?

I do enjoy treasure. And since I already promised someone else to take care of the curse... well, I'll just double-dip on my rewards.

This is the queens bedroom. I have a feeling I'm not the first she sent to their deaths.

The prince stops us in the halls.

Well, this makes a lot of sense. Consider it done, I will help you overthrow the queen.

So if the entity was destroyed she wouldn't have power over the other spiders?

I know where I'm going....

And then cue another 10 minutes of trying to figure out how to get down into that hole to kill the entity.

Seriously. This game went from "very normal controls" to "haha good luck with this part, idiot"

I can't cast this spell. Wearing it doesn't do shit.

What? I have to chuck a magic pendant down into the pit? Who is going to activate the pendant down there? What the fuck.

Alright, lets go kill a queen.

I have a headache and don't have time for this shit.

You are welcome prince. Follow closely, we'll go murder the queen and try to protect your stupid ass.

Hint: Her treasure room is full of corpses.

No problem. It was kind of fun, except for the part where I almost rage quit because I couldn't figure out what to do with the pendant.

I got a staff. I now have enough staffs and magic rings/necklaces for every character to cast 4 spells each in combat. I usually cast just north of 0.

Silk armor for our resident thief/preserver.

Okay, these guys don't want to talk.

And these are the wrong people to talk to. What the fuck is wrong with the caves? Nothing makes sense. There simply aren't any other people in the entire level.

*spend 5 minutes trying to talk to everyone including the dumbass spiders*

Are you kidding me? The spider was too far away? The spider has to be TOUCHING YOU in order to trigger the part where you talk to me?

I create peace. Now lets go to the castle and hope that's less buggy.

Yes, very much I do. Very much.

Castle time.