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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 47

I go to T-town and they are thrilled.

Oh snap they are marching lets go kill kill kill.

Sally forth, great idea!

Well we have 19 fighters on our side, plus me. This should go well.

Time for war! Also, what about that lieutenant who is likely going to double cross everyone?

I never would have guessed.

They give me some stuff, this is the only thing useful. Kug gets stronger.

I go to leave and am assaulted by a vision!

Good. Sandstorm kicked up, visionquest engaged.

Lets teleport somewhere. Oh, the rod no longer works. Well, guess we're walking!

I have no idea how I got here. Just appeared magically.

I have a feeling there is more to the story that you aren't telling me.

But basically: Go get the genie and free the psurlons is what this dude is saying.

I ask about the past. Twice. Then he attacks me.

Here's the map.

Guards don't let me through, so I murder them.

Seems to be a corpse top-left.

A single shadow chilling by a fountain.

Psurlons by a teleporty tile.

More of them.

And the same corpse in the top right for some reason.

I go to the corpse because it looks like there is loot on it. A glowing chest piece that you can't really see in the graphics. Monsters spring up, I must murder my way through.

And that was a waste.

My auto-walk thing stepped me on the dias. The king will talk, but I can't step up there again.

So the king knows he is dead, and he summoned the psurlons.

Llod did the summoning I would guess, the king just ordered it.

Stupid Llod.

Go check out his quarters, it's fine if you loot it. Nothing useful is mentioned about Cragg.

Oh, a prince. I simply don't care to talk to you.

I want to go see the wizards room, leave me alone.

I tell him I'm going to get the genie and he is all friendly. The psurlons really want that genie for some reason. I hope I can piece together why...

Orb of knowledge? I use it.

Llod holds his king in contempt.

The king orders the containment lowered, Llod suffers from pride.

And that's how it all went down.

I found a magic scroll that I read.

Llod seriously underestimated the psurlons. They wreaked his shit.

Fricken traps are hitting for 10-30 damage every other step. I make Kug the primary because she has hitpoints to spare.

And we meet this guy finally.

That's what I get for being polite. I ask him if he is Cragg, he is. His story unfolds.

Cragg had the best interest of the world in mind. His story lines up with what I know of Llod, and I don't trust the beings from another dimension.

Cragg stages a one-man prison break.

And expresses some regret for burying the entire city.

That's a noble cause, at least.

Could I borrow the genie? I want it to stop an evil army.

Find your body? Cando!

It's right there!

And still boobytrapped.

An illusion! It was an illusion! Damn those Psurlons!

My auto-movement thing stepped me on the dias, so I murder the king for a second time. Whoops.

I accuse this psurlon of collusion. He denies it, so I murder him.

I take the teleporter and arrive way on the east side of the buried city.

They warn me off. I say goodbye, but my character auto-moves forward a step to where I told him to go before the conversation happened.

So we kill them both.

There are 4 psurlons north, I try to talk to them.

And they summoned 4 of the big scorpions that do huge poison damage. I focus on killing them first. I take quite a bit of damage, but there are only two more.

They let me walk up to them and punch them a few times.

This screenshot is me picking up the corpse.

And I bring it back to Cragg.

I wait for him to pick a coffin since he told me to put it in the open one... none of them look open to me.

He hands me an axe, and a genie!

What do?