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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 45

On the right of the castle is a 100% enclosed room surrounded by two Vrocks. I assume there is a hidden entrance behind them somewhere.

Some wyvern riders hanging out in the open area.

Some zombies on the left-ish side with glowing runes in the floor. I won't be visiting them right off...

Guards that need killing.

Is that a dude sleeping? I've never seen that before.

As if there was any way in hell I'm NOT going to hit that gong.

Stairs north are blocked by guards and wyvern pens.

Haha I can interact with the sleeping guy

I tell him to be quiet or I'll kill him. He tells me everything he knows about the wyvern master and his magic hook that allows him to control them, and Tara the evil woman who is trapped in the northeast tower on the second floor.

I leave him in peace, then go across the hall to kill his guard buddies. He comes to their aid. Kornec deals with him.

I gong. Tara appears, I tell her she will die. She calls me food. Judging from the text she is using people's life forces to stay young and/or alive.

I punch her twice, she disappears with laughter. I gong her a few more times and the same thing happens. Guess I'll need to find a new way to kill her.

I murder the guards in the open area. There is also a single guy that cares for the wyverns. He sounds very different, very polite and as if he is only there to help the wyverns. Sadly the guy in the bed called him "one of ours" so I just slaughter him rather than let him live.

The other guy said you were bad, so you get to die. The guards are all dead so screaming won't help.

Lets go to the second floor. Shit, don't let him loose a mini-dragon! (he does, it doesn't matter because I Kug'd it)

Second floor.

I assume the wyvern master is in his own bedroom directly south.

Guards to the east.

And Tara to the far east.

I have a single guy way top left who looks like a prisoner. Prisoners always help me, so lets go see what he wants first. That's an earth elemental protecting him.

Find a nice bow on a corpse.

Oh yeah, someone said there was a druid in the last update didn't they?

Ability to destroy Tara? Go on.... My punching doesn't seem to work.

Making nearby villages safe? That's basically the only reason I'm here. I'll do it. I don't care what it is. I'll do it! (also treasure).

So the wyvern master's door is locked. For some reason he gave the key to the door to the prisoner. I dont know.

So that's how doors work!

Dude is so rich he has a sitting room.

I do enjoy profit...

But I don't enjoy killing helpless people. Also I kind of already promised the villagers to kill you.

He denies knowledge of the giant fucking weapon he's currently holding.

And then he offers me treasure. I can't say that I don't want treasure, so of course I accept.

You sound like an upstanding character, I'll follow you!

That asshole walked right by the huge treasure room and led me to the guards.

And he hid in an empty room. I find him and murder his face. See that? First attacker killed him. No one else even got to move.

I find a green key to the treasure room hidden behind his bed.

And now that I know how keys work, I open the door.

Chests of treasure ($1500) and a few gems. I really don't care, so I don't bother looting all the gems that are worth $50 each. I just leave them for the next adventurer.

I did pretty well, thanks for asking.

You better not double cross me like everyone else in this fucking game.

Awesome. I'll go kill Tara using this potion fo' shizzle.

What up, Tara? Just here to murder you.

Spoiler alert: We already met downstairs. I'm the same giant bug from 8 minutes ago.

You ugly.

Apparently she's vain.

3 punches from Man'tis and she dies. I clean up the zombie guards who have 8-11 hit points each.

I snag some loot that appeared (Tayans Heart, the shadow in the well, or maybe I got the heart later. I dont remember).

Tell me about the treasure.

Oh yeah, completely forgot about that. I'll go get that, thanks.

And there is a way to free the zombies.

I use a second wind potion that appeared in my inventory to break out the zombies.

A few zombies want me to kill them so I oblige. 3 others leave the castle. I get serpent boots.

Aishlinn gets them.

The vrock talks some shit immediately before dying.

I find the hidden wall thingy. Aishlinn walks on through.

That's a nice sword. Also might be Tayans heart here, I don't know.

I go back to Mrs. Bitch in the village and tell her I solved everything.

And they still don't want to help fight.

You don't have time to build walls, you'll fricken die if we don't ally!

Oh, you want protection?

Can't argue with that!

I knew you'd see it my way.

And that was incredibly fast. Well done.

She gave us a bracelet that no one can use.

New sword.

Forgot to show me getting this, but Kornec has it.

Serpent boots.

Too bad only one character uses a shield.

I go to the elven caravan to sell shit and meet these two.

I already completed this quest so I stop talking to him.

And here are my finished warriors. I cannot level up past 9. I haven't leveled with Kug or Slaying Man'tis in a long long time.

So that's that. Now I'm going to go back to the main city, T-something and see if I can finish the 'shadow in the well' quest before the final animations and final battle start.