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AD&D - Dark Sun - Shattered Lands

by Spermy Smurf

Part 51

Final loadout:

1d8+4 sword does great damage

Drake shield takes 1/2 fire damage and good AC.

Bow is pretty nice.

Constitution ring.

Ring that can dismiss creatures from other dimensions. Also he's wearing the +4 strength belt.

Kug has the vampire sword.

And another 1d8+2 sword in the off-hand.

Storm ring that Aishlinn mentioned that I never used.

Increases dexterity for better AC.

Free movement leather armor with good AC. This is what let Kug walk through web in the final battle.

Aishlinns bow. Great bow, plus acid arrow once in a while.

Badass sword that she never got to use. Slaying Man'Tiss used this up until we cloned the vampire sword for him to use. It's pretty badass. 1-3 fire damage, plus 2 per level of caster (which is 9). So 18 fire damage by default. If the ninja star is the same, then I completely overlooked it.

Increases Aishlinns Charisma.

Makes user impervious to arrows, which is invaluable to a caster.

Adds wisdom.

Cloned vampire sword. Used to be the flame damage sword from above.

Offhand gets a +1 sword.


1d8+2, plus 4 to strength

1d6+ 1-10 detonate damage

Different axe, same stats as the other one.

Plus a shitload of stuff I sold. Bunch of 1d6+3 maces, 1d8+1 swords, basically every staff, maybe 10 rings, a half dozen necklaces...