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Accolade Comics: Steve Keene

by FredMSloniker

Part 26

The second minigame is called Swimmer, and it looks a little something like this.

Keene has to get through this underwater tunnel, avoiding various hazards along the way... turtles...

...running out of air, which happens slowly when you aren't in an air pocket or very quickly if you foolishly suck from the brightly flashing poison pockets...

...and my personal nemesis, the electric eel. Keene can kill an eel if he contacts it when it's not zapping, and their zaps are regular, but it isn't always easy to avoid their erratic swimming path, and it's easy to get distracted by the search for the next air pocket. Get zapped even once, and it's all the way back to the start...

...and you have a long swim ahead.

Fortunately, I was able to get through without needing save states with the loss of only four lives. (Then I went through and did it again with save states to preserve Keene's lives for future use.) Where did he wind up? Well, that's coming in the next update! (I need to take a break first.)