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Part 3: Mission 3 – Operation City on Fire, April 5th, 1998

Surprise Attack on the Supply Bay

Mission 3: Operation City on Fire – April 5th, 1998
Mission 3: Operation Anchorhead Freedom (Legacy Verison)
BONUS: Gunpods & Barrel Rolls (c/o: Trizophenie)

Overview: The Allied Forces launch an assault on Rebel naval forces stationed in the coastal city of Anchorhead to liberate the port and cripple the URF’s western naval power.

Gameplay Note: This mission sets up the first of several branching or optional missions in both Ace Combat 2 and Assault Horizon Legacy. Destroying the two transports docked in the bay unlocks the mission Opera House in the Ace Combat 2 version. In Legacy, the optional missions are unlocked by default so you’re free to choose whether you want to do Tin Castle or Opera House as your fourth mission.

This mission is also the one featured on the Ace Combat 2 demo that came with one of the various PlayStation Sampler Pack demo discs shipped with new PS1s to entice people into buying more games for them. I’m sure everyone who owned a PS1 had at least one volume of these things.

Guest Commentators: I am joined once again by both Blind Sally and ACES CURE PLANES. While in the Legacy version I am joined by noted taser enthusiast Lunethex.

The city of Anchorhead on the southwestern coast of Usea is one of the largest port cities on the continent, and Erusea’s main international trading and transport hub. It is currently under Rebel occupation, serving as the base of operations for their western operations, including an aircraft carrier formerly attached to Erusea’s mighty Aegir Fleet.

Taking back Anchorhead would be a major step towards securing and liberating western Usea from Rebel control and pushing the Rebels further eastward back towards St. Ark.

Now, for the uncomfortable real world elephant in the room stuff. Yes, that is the World Trade Center right there front and centre in the middle of downtown Anchorhead. The Strangereal games have a history of importing real world landmarks into their various fictional locales, and since this game came out in 1997, no one could have imagined something like 9/11 actually happening.

That said, as I’ve pointed out in other videos, and as you’ll see in the Legacy version of Mission 3, Project Aces actually removed the twin towers from the Anchorhead skyline for the remake and replaced it with a generic very tall building.

Aircraft featured in Mission 3: City On Fire

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Tracks featured in Mission 2: