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Part 20: Mission 17A – Operation Sentinel, August 23rd, 1998

Destroying the Coast Radar Facility / Destroy the Satellite Weapon

Mission 17A: Operation Sentinel – August 23rd, 1998
Mission 17: Operation Toy Box (Legacy Version)

Overview: Operation Alphaville concludes as the Allied Forces press within striking distance of Saint Ark. To ensure the success of the assault on the Rebel stronghold, Scarface Squadron is dispatched to knock out the URF’s early warning radar network stationed along the Petrol Coast. However, electronic interference from the radar net makes guided missiles inoperable above the target installations.

And here we have yet another mission with no analog in Assault Horizon Legacy, no named aces, and nothing really of value added to the storyline or the game except to make you thankful Project Aces really trimmed a lot of the fat away when it came to crafting Legacy.

Guest Commentators: Not even a buggered audio take and three weeks of dead air can keep Blind Sally from joining me for this mission… even though he’d probably prefer not to, in hindsight. In the Legacy video, I am joined by Faerie Fortune, where we swap airplane trivia and talk about Pikmin over the unwelcome return of Sergei Brynner and Beast Squadron.

Since his last appearance in Ace Combat 2, Sally has begun work on LPs of Killzone 3 (with me, nine-gear crow!), and Resistence 3.

Fae, meanwhile, has recently started a blind run through The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask along with ChaosArgate and Artix. Please be advised, that when I say “blind”, I mean “she has literally never played Majora’s Mask before nor is familiar with any of the by-now culturally osmosed memes and tropes surrounding it, so if decide to check it out and post in her thread, DON’T TALK ABOUT ANY FUCKING SPOILERS IN IT!!! ” Thank you. You can also see Fae in action in Arctic Alive (hosted by gnome7), Cubivore (hosted by Casnorf and featuring liquidypoo), and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (with FPzero). She’s also currently doing LPs of Pikmin 2 (with gnome7) and Black Closet (which may or may not be on hold right now).

Motherfuckers. Yep, Toy Box in Legacy has a double Belka-related retcon in it, one explicit and one implied. The explicit one of course is the little nugget of information we learn about Beast 1, Sergei Brynner that all but confirms he’s an escaped Belkan war criminal and was involved in the Belkan War. He even apparently encountered Cipher at one point, as he very pointedly calls Phoenix a “demon,” a code word almost exclusively associated with Galm 1.

The other implied Belkan connection comes from the updated mission objective in Toy Box. While in the Ace Combat 2 version, the XB-10 Big Bad Mama has a retconned Belkan connection too, the laser satellite Keynote mentions as being another part of the Usean spaceguard program against Ulysses 1994XF04 is implied to be a further refined and scaled down version of the Excalibur Tactical Laser System from the Belkan War.

Because even the games that predated it are still all about The Belkan War.


Medal: Pack Leader
Awarded for: Defeating Beast Squadron again in Mission 17.
Description: Awarded to pilots who defeat Beast Squadron a second time.


Tracks featured in Mission 16A.1:



Tracks featured in Mission 17: