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Original Thread: The Character Assassination of Joseph Capelli by the Developer Insomniac



Image courtesy of CJacobs!

I'm gonna rant about Resistance 3 in this thread. Let's be clear, though, I like the Resistance series. Quite a bit. I've played and enjoyed Fall of Man and Resistance 2 multiple times. I've read the Wildstorm comics, played Resistance: Retribution on the PSP, and followed along with the alternate reality games, such as Project Abraham. I even played that weird online browser-based base management tie-in for Resistance 3's multiplayer, for goodness' sake. (Although, I could only ever bring myself to read synopses of the novel off-shoots and I still haven't bothered with Burning Skies). They've all been enjoyable experiences, flawed, but enjoyable.

Resistance 3, though, was a huge disappointment.

At first glance, it's the best game in the series. The graphics are top-notch, the gameplay is the best it's ever been, and the story is engaging and well-paced. Heck, it's sitting at an 83 on Metacritic, so it reviewed well too! However, after all the credits have rolled and you start to think back on your experience, things start to fall apart. For all its strengths, Resistance 3 is actually pretty mediocre. It's also surprisingly unoriginal, which is pretty damning considering the developers are Insomniac Games. From the weapons, to the enemies, to the story itself, everything is a blatant rip-off of something else stapled together in a shambling heap. At the centre of at all is one man, the greatest character in the whole Resistance franchise.

And no, it's not Nathan Hale.

Welcome to--

Thread rules:

Rules? Ha, there aren't any rules. Discuss whatever you want whenever you want. However, this is an oft overlooked series and Resistance 3 is notorious for not having sold particularly well, so I imagine there are a lot of people who have never seen it before. I don't care about spoilers, but someone else might.

Kadorhal improves the game in every way.

Blind Sally beats a dead horse.

Jobbo_Fett locates the town drunk.

CJacobs solved the mystery of the druids--turns out the answer was inside us all along!

At the end of the LP this happened, a genuine LP convergence:

Lotish posted:

The beauty Hale spoke of at the end of Resistance 2... was the grace and love of Visari.

Fish Noise posted:

LP Convergence never stops starting

CJacobs posted:

I enjoyed this LP. it's a shame the series went down the tubes like it did, but on the bright side, they won't make it any worse with a Resistance 4!

Fish Noise posted:

nine-gear crow posted:

This is indeed a disturbing universe.

CJacobs posted:

Fish Noise posted:

It's a portal of some sort, to another part of Youtube, full of dead videogames.

NejD posted:

If you're going to include warframe at least include the moon
second dream somewhat spoilers or whatever

Cooked Auto posted:

Well those videos certainly escalated quickly.

nine-gear crow posted:

Oh my god, there's another one?

Jobbo_Fett posted:

Blind Sally posted:

i don't know how you could top Fish Noise's--the faint sound of Visari's speech right before Capelli shoots Hale, brilliant.

Fish Noise posted:

Well, some combination of more editing to improve narrative coherence, cleaner masking on the shot with Mick in The Autarch's Sanctum (I got about three frames in with Photoshop, sat back, and went "I don't think so"), and expanding the scope of the LP Convergence.

Of course, now that I've said this, it has become necessary for me to defeat myself in the arms race before anyone else can do it first.

But then again...

Zain posted:

I've noticed a lot of these editors CJacobs... Nine-gear maybe? Fish Noise have a problem with escalation. Like they want to try to outdo themselves from the last shitpost they did.

There is something to be said for the sustainability of keeping it simple.

...or is that cimple?

IronSaber posted:

Blind Sally crawls out of the LP wreckage to find Fish Noise too far gone. Fish Noise is looking up at a hole in the thread. It's a portal of some sort, to another part of the internet full of Youtube edits.

Then, this happens.

Fish Noise posted:

CJacobs posted:

nine-gear crow posted:

Blind Sally posted:

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