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Part 24: Mission 16B.2 – Operation Electric Dreams, August 18th, 1998

Attack on the Enemy’s Elementary Particle Lab

Mission 16B.2: Operation Electric Dreams – August 18th, 1998

Overview: As Operation Belissima begins to wind down, Pheonix is dispatched to disable a URF controlled particle accelerator facility codenamed Pancake in the Altoora Desert of northern Usea.

Guest Commentator: The disgustingly named Liquidypoo joins me for this final branching mission of Ace Combat 2.

You can catch Liquidy in Casnorf’s LP of the utterly bizarre Cubivore, and as a frequent guest on ChaosArgate’s Demon’s Souls stream LP. He was also involved in something that has since come to be known only as the PINWAPPLE Incident with ChaosArgate and CJacobs.


Tracks featured in Mission 16B.2: