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Part 17: Episode 44 - Reality Distortion (Post)

Update 10 - Everything for Nothing

-Episode 44 - Reality Distortion [TRANSLATION]
Every Reality
-Episode 45 - Counterrevolution
-Episode 46 - Pursuit
Pursuit of the Night Raven
-Episode 47 - Self Awareness
Simon Once Again

This is up in the air as to whether or not this should be the final update versus the Neucom ending, but DISC 2 hasn't made a lot of sense so far against what we know. Still, the result was the same: Dision dies, and Ouroboros falls again, only the manner is different. There are a lot of things that can be inferred from this ending but only a few make sense. You can't really draw conclusions until you've seen the epilogue which will be happening next update. If I can't secure a translation for it I'll just have to sum it up. Problem is, for the latter, I'm sure there will be some missing details. I desperately need to get those final, clinching words in English.

We followed Cynthia, who followed her very strong wish for Sublimation, only to find that it was not granted, and that she gave up everything for nothing. You should all keep the way these events unfolded in mind for the final ending coming the next update. Personally, I think the Neucom ending is the one to end on. It's the dark note I had in mind since I started the LP.

So, 'til then!

Also seriously the shit Dision is saying now. "Exterminate the human race"