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Part 23: Interview 12 - “The Backlash” (Or, “Did Blue Moon Just Steal My Strategy?”)

Interview 12 - “The Backlash” (Or, “Did Blue Moon Just Steal My Strategy?”)

Do you remember where we were?

That's asking way too much of me, Ruin.

Sigh. The troops, with map in hand, were trying to locating the enemy lab.

What’s wrong now? Getting all worked up like that ain’t good for you, Boss.

Doesn’t this bother you at all, Grit? These Black Hole mercenaries! They trespass on our land and have the gall to build wherever they like! This land is ours! More than anything, it belongs to our people! We cannot allow these fools to invade it and divide it amongst themselves!

The man’s got a point…

Grit is having trouble processing the fact that Olaf just made a valid argument.

I mean, it's hardly a common occurrence, is it?

Commander Olaf! There’s a base or something up ahead!

Just like the map said. Which means we’ve found their research laboratory.

Troops! Prepare for battle!

So who led the assault?

Olaf. He decided to lead the charge.

Oh, this is going to be fun.

That name amuses me. I mean, how else do you react to a map with Neotanks on it? "Neotanks?!"

There... aren't any Neotanks on this map.


Well, that's considerably more machinic than usual.

Defensive system Backlash initiated… Taking damage from intruders. Initiate document-destruct sequence. Research lab will self-destruct in 15 days.

Plus there's a time limit. Olaf has his work cut out for him if he wants those Neotank plans.

Which, of course, he absolutely does. ...Though they still haven't proven themselves to be useful, I'm holding out hope that I'll get to see some TNA at some point.

...T... tits and ass..?

What? No! Terrific Neotank Action. But, yeah, now you mention it, I can see where you'd get confused.

I, um, right. Forget I said anything. Here are the deployments for today's map.

Boris, Infantry
Ivan, Infantry
Peter, Infantry
Eduard, Infantry
Zlata, Medium Tank
Dimitri, Tank
Diana, Battle Copter
Ludmilla, APC

Nobody new today, but hey, that's good. Let's hope they all survive under Olaf's tactics...

We shall see. But yes, so Boris, Ivan and Peter have been deployed. Boris is headed up northwest to the missile silos and airport, Ivan will be making his way north to the factory, and Peter will be heading east to the cities and silos on the right.

Pretty sensible so far. The silos should be quite useful here, actually.

Here's an overview of the upper section of the map.

Oh, those enemies around the lab are just begging for some missiles to the face.

The enemies on the left have plenty of access to funds by capturing all those cities and bases, though. They'll be able to head south via the valley where the airport is located.

Combat on two fronts at a monetary disadvantage isn't good... hopefully Olaf has a plan in mind. Maybe the missiles can help thin the numbers a bit, but our stock is limited.

Correct. The soldiers continue heading on their routes. In Ivan's case, Ludmilla has been deployed to more quickly transport him to where he needs to be. She'll be taking him all the way to the lab eventually.

I won't waste my breath on Lash's turn. It's more capturing.

Ivan heads into Ludmilla.

"Hey, Ivan." Ludmilla purrs. "You're inside me now - how does it feel?"

"Ain't that bad, actually." Ivan replies, shrugging. "Let's take the scenic route to the base; we got time."

There's a crackle on Ludmilla's transceiver.

"No we bloody don't have time, Ivan, we have the opposite of time right now!" Boris says. "Stop flirting shamelessly, get your asses in gear, and open the path for our frontal assault on the lab!"

"Yeah, what he said." Dimitri replies. "I'm itchin' to get out there."

Ivan chuckles. "Alright, alright. Full speed ahead, darling."

"Well, I do like it fast sometimes..." Ludmilla replies, licking her lips and preparing to head into battle.

And Peter just captures things like a good boy. He reminds me of Alfonse - well, Alfonse when he first joined us, anyway. The kid's turned into a badass recently.

Quite. Boris is still a few turns away from the airport, unfortunately, and Olaf doesn't have the funds for two APCs right now. Also, Eduard has been deployed - he'll be heading north to the spare missile silo.

I mean, with all the things Lash is capturing, she's gonna have more money than Olaf. Best thing he can do is spend his money more wisely than she does.

So, a million medium tanks?

Now you're getting it.

On the way to the lab, Ludmilla drops Ivan off up here. If he can capture this base, it'll cut down on the number of turns it takes to get heavier firepower up north.

And Peter's still doing his thing.

He's a good boy.

Speaking of capturing, to absolutely nobody's surprise, Lash's infantry continue to do so.

Boris has now made it to the airport. There's a lot of enemy units heading south, however, so he's not got many turns to capture it before he's overrun.

There must be a way to prevent them from advancing. Olaf doesn't need to buy too many turns - he just needs enough to get the lab. Hm... maybe- no.

Maybe what?

Well, I know what I would do in this circumstance, but I don't know if Olaf is smart enough to make use of my strategy. So I'm gonna wait and see how he handles it.

Well, his first missile shot is targeted here rather than the enemies around the lab.

A pretty smart play from Olaf, actually. Three missiles will be enough to bring the lab enemies to 1 HP, and he still has 2 spare missiles. By shooting the infantry, it means that their capturing takes an extra turn, which in effect buys him an extra day or two before they get to the airport.

Ah, I see. Yes, that was a good move.

Peter and Boris continue their capturing efforts. It's not nearly as quick as Lash's group of infantry, but every captured territory counts.

And I presume Ludmilla's putting herself in position, ready to take Boris to the lab?


You were right, though. The missiles have slowed down the infantry by a day.

Yeah, but a recon, tank and artillery that won't be slowed down... Boris is going to have his hands full very soon.

The artillery isn't quite in range though. Boris will have enough time to capture the airport.

Hm-hmm. That airport would have been the crux of my strategy.

Stop being smug and just tell me what your plan is, my dude.

Not yet, gotta ramp up the suspense first. Besides, look, Ivan's got the base. Next turn is going to be where all the things happen, by the looks of it.

If by "all the things" you mean "the production of units from an airport and a base" then yes, you're quite correct.

Bless. Peter got his properties, too. Now get your ass over to the missiles, Peter, we've got limited time.

Speaking of limited time, Boris is making his escape from the airport, and not a moment too soon.

"The enemy's not been weakened yet." Ludmilla notes, observing the battlefield near the lab. She winces. "I hope they get the missiles ready soon."

"The latest intel says that Boris has got his hands full with the enemy forces to the west." Ivan replies. "Hang fire, Ludmilla. We can't risk moving out until we get that missile support."

"Alright, I'm ready to roll!" shouts Zlata as a mighty medium tank emerges from the captured base. "Um, Ludmilla, is your APC alright?"

"Oh, you fixed it up a treat." Ludmilla replies. "But, uh, mind if we cut the pleasantries? We've got trouble up ahead."

"Oh, um, of course. How's the battlefield looking?" Zlata says.

The group discuss the situation ahead, whilst waiting for the vital missile support that is yet to arrive.

And Olaf produces a battle copter - Diana.

He's not seriously going to-

Not going to what?

Shh. I want to see this.

...Right. Anyway, the troops move down but the recon, directly above Diana, does not attack.

He did! He stole my strategy!

What strategy?

I invented battle copter bullshit. Way back during my old campaign against them, I used this very strategy to win a crucial battle.

Looks like Olaf decided to learn from his mistakes and use your strategy against his own enemies.

No kidding… I’m almost impressed.

Now then. It is time for the missile silos to be put to use properly.

Eduard's strike! A perfect 10!

Surely a perfect 10 would be 10 damage, my dude?

I... guess.

Peter's strike! A perfect, uh, 3!

Boris' strike! Another perfect 3!

Quite. The enemy have been effectively neutralised.

"Alright, you should be good to go. Get in there and finish the job!" Boris says.

"All good on this side too. Good luck, you guys!" Peter responds.

Ludmilla nods. "Right, let's get it done. We'll go the forest route - Zlata, take the road. Keep yourself safe!"

"Will do! Here we go!"

From the base behind her, a tank comes charging out.

Dimitri, manning the tank, readies his cannons.

"Thirteen tonnes of steel and lead; I'm ready to back your assault up. Let's take that lab with minimal force."

"D-Dimitri!" gasps Zlata, sinking into the seat of her medium tank. She shuts off the transceiver. "Oh, god... I gotta impress him. Don't make a fool of yourself, Zlata..."

Well, this should be more than enough firepower to take out a bunch of enemies on 1 HP.

Correct, but the real challenge is killing them before that group of enemies in the west comes to back them up.

Hm. Point taken.

The leftmost medium tank, sensing several treads of impending doom coming towards it, retreats and joins up with the other tank.

They're only delaying the inevitable. But... am I looking at that right?


The rockets didn't heal any damage that turn. Do labs not restore HP and ammo?

Apparently not. I hadn't noticed that during the campaign; anyway, Olaf comes up with an easy solution to the problem of the reinforcements in the west.

Big fuckoff missiles?

Indeed, big fuckoff missiles. Peter's provided some valuable support throughout this whole map.

Come on, Ivan and Ludmilla. Bring it home now, we're so close.

That could be troublesome. The enemy's got to one of the silos.

"I've- I've been hit!" shouts Zlata, but then she remembers that she shut off her transceiver off. She turns it on quickly.

"Zlata, you alright?" says Ivan.

"Yeah, yeah- this thing's still functioning. Full speed ahead!"

"If you're sure." Ivan replies. "Dimitri, back her up."

"On it." Dimitri says.

I see Dimitri enjoys fucking up the enemy.

You know what they say: your job should be something you love doing.

Do you love working for the Omniversal Police?

...I would say I'm satisfied. Getting to see every universe, and delivering justice where it needs to be delivered... that's important to me.

I see. It certainly does sound pretty fun, but also kinda busy. Most police groups have their hands full with just one town or city. And your guys take care of every universe to have ever existed?

Yes, we do, but we only really deal with inter-universal crimes. After all, most universes have some form of police or peacekeeping in their worlds already. We only concern ourselves with the big things.

Anyway. As you can see, your patented "battle copter bullshit", as you call it, is still managing to blockade most of Lash's forces, but some infantry are making their way over the mountains.

If nothing goes wrong, Ivan will be able to capture the lab in the next two days though, so that shouldn't be a problem.

There are a lot of enemy dudes, though...

Dimitri finishes off the rockets, leaving the lab open for Ivan.

Oh, perfect. I had my doubts about Olaf, but this map is pretty much in the bag now.

And even though it isn't necessary, apparently Olaf wants to... what's the word? You know, when you want to make your opponent look weak and stupid whilst you make yourself look cool.

Olaf wants to style on Lash?

Yes, that, "style on" Lash, that's the word. As such, Boris and Eduard work together to delete that infantry.

Diana also decides to attack, though I imagine this is out of frustration more than anything else.

I'd be frustrated if I had to sit on an airport for my entire deployment and not shoot anything.

By no means a kill, but she mildly annoyed him a bit, and that's effectively the same thing.

And with that, the lab is secure, and the Neotank information captured.

Not bad, Olaf... not bad at all.

With these plans. we’ll be able to use this new weapon in the next battle.

Start building new weapons! I’ll be waiting at the next battlefield.

Military Santa sure changed his tune, didn't he? Wasn't he fiercely against using the enemy's weaponry?

I fear the best word to describe Olaf would be "inconsistent".

Heh. True.

S-rank, though. Not bad.

So where next? There were quite a few options.

Oh, did you forget those as well? Harrumph. I'll run you through them one more time.

I'll use your names, since they amused me somewhat. We had "Olaf's Tangle With A Big Ol' Missile", "Grit Can't See The Wood For The Cannons", "Colin's Lost Some Land" and "Hot Colin On Lash Action".

Ah yes, that rings a bell. I look forward to seeing which of these nerds we get to play as next. Now then, it's time for me to tell my side of the story, I suppose.


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