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Part 47: Interview 23 Bonus

Barracks 23 - Sami's Strike Team

Outside of the Orange Star HQ on a moody evening, some soldiers are making last-minute preparations for their upcoming mission. One of them, a tall and muscular man, stands up as he sees two younger men walking towards him: one of them wears thick, rounded spectacles and carries a notebook with him, and the other has a pencil behind his ear, his long flowing hair and effeminate features easily recognisable.

“Landon! Elvin!” Lloyd says, giving them a nod. “So you’re the pair who signed up for this mission. I wouldn’t have expected it from you, Landon.”

“Ordinarily I wouldn’t, but if I’m to become an ACO, I thought that taking on the more dangerous missions would get me recognised by the higher-ups.” Landon says, sniffing.

Lloyd nods. “Aye, I understand. I’m sure if this mission goes well, you will. We’re to head deep into Yellow Comet territory and mount an attack on the Black Hole lab over there, after all. Sami’s leading the mission personally.”

“Is it just the three of us, Cap’n?” asks Elvin, then shakes his head. “Sorry, I don’t know why I called you that. Force of habit, I suppose.”

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen ya, Elvin.” Lloyd replies. “Keeping well?”

“If by that you’re asking if I’m over you, I certainly am. I put my soldiering first, and I’m to man my own battleship on this mission!” Elvin says, beaming.

“Congratulations. With three battleships, we should be more than enough for that lab.” Landon remarks.

“Depends on where it’s situated, I haven’t asked Sami for the intel yet.” Lloyd replies. “I’m glad, though, Elvin. And I hear you met someone, is that right?”

A dreamy smile comes over Elvin’s face and he smiles at the two men. “Ah, yes… his name is Rudolf. He’s currently serving on the southern front, so he can’t come on the mission, but he’s a talented seaman.”

“Sounds like a catch.” grunts Lloyd, suddenly acutely aware that he hasn’t had a girlfriend for several years. “Right then, are we almost ready to go?”

“Oh, not quite.” Elvin says. “I was told there would be four of us. We must be missing someone.”

“Damn. Whoever they are, they’re late.” Landon sighs.

Still inside the HQ, Rin is just about to exit when she hears footsteps behind her. She turns to see the worried expression of Dave coming out of the gloom.

“So, you’re set on this mission.” Dave says.

“I didn’t want to tell you. I knew you’d worry!”

“Of course.” Dave replies, giving her a tired grin. “But I can’t stop you if this is what you wanna do, kid. Just- come back safe, alright? No being a hero.”

Rin nods, walking over and shaking Dave’s hand. “I will. I promithe- uh, promise!”

“Good. Give ‘em hell, Rin.” Dave says.

Rin goes to open the door of the HQ to make her way out, but she turns back to nod at Dave one more time, and holds up her wrist with the friendship bracelet on.