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Part 51: Interview 25 Bonus

Barracks 25 - On A Cold Morning

Sofia isn’t really paying attention to her surroundings, wandering down the corridors of the barracks for an early morning coffee, when she bumps into Lysander.

“Oh, sorry, uh- oh!” she gasps as she catches sight of him.

Lysander tilts his head, curious at her reaction, but suddenly, he takes a step back as realisation crosses his face.

“You’re-” he says, barely able to speak. He’s about to turn and flee but Sofia reaches out.

“Wait, Lysander!”

Talora exits her room to see what the fuss is about, and turns to look at the pair in the corridor, suddenly feeling like she’s walked in on something she shouldn’t have.

Lysander doesn’t turn around, but instead stares at the ground. Behind him, Sofia watches with worry.

“...Mother… what the hell are you doing here?”

“Mother?” asks Talora.

Sofia nods morosely. “Yes… when I said I had a child… it was Lysander.”

“Lysander, you said your father sent you to the military to get you straightened out.” Talora replies. “So, Sofia, you followed him?”

“Her name is Marissa.” Lysander says.

“I’m not here for anything except you.” Sofia says, her hand still held aloft in midair, waiting for Lysander to take it. “I couldn’t stop your father from sending you, but… I could at least sneak into the military with you, and look after you that way.”

Lysander mumbles something to himself, then turns around to look at his mother. Now that he looks at her properly, it is undoubtedly her, and for a moment, he can barely comprehend the idea that she signed on to fight in a war just to ensure his own safety.

“What was that?” asks Sofia.

“...Thanks, mother.” Lysander murmurs. He gives her a rogueish grin. “You really don’t want to let me fly the nest, huh?”

“Not yet, at least.” Sofia says. She turns to Talora, still observing quietly. “And, Talora… thank you for helping my boy.”

“Oh, please, it was my pleasure. Sure, he’s got a sharp tongue, but he’s a good kid.” Talora replies. “I’m just happy the pair of you were able to reunite! A mother and son, here in the barracks… who would have thought?”

“Does that mean-” Lysander says suddenly, spinning on his heels and facing Sofia, who gives him a matronly nod.

“...Yes, I’ve seen your conduct around the single ladies of the army.”

“Aw, shit.” he replies. “Yeah, I’ll curb that in future. Anyway, mother… do you, uh, have any plans today?”

“Well, I don’t know about you two, but I’m parched. Shall we get a coffee?” suggests Talora.

“Sounds nice.” murmurs Sofia. “We’ve got a lot to catch up on.”

“At least from now on we can fight together. I’ll look after you too, mother. I promise. I’m gonna straighten out.”

Lysander strides off, with Sofia and Talora following behind him. Talora sees the look on Sofia’s face, and the tears of pride and sorrow mingling on her cheeks, and places a hand on her shoulder.

“You’ve done well. He’s growing up.”

“He is, isn’t he? I’m happy just knowing that he’s safe.”

“Of course he’s safe! You and I, we’re pretty good soldiers. We’ll protect him - and the rest of Yellow Comet too!”