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Part 65: Interview 32 Bonus

Barracks 32 - The New Crew

In the barracks that evening, a few comfy sofas have been set up in the barracks’ recreation room, and it is there that Conrad, Henry, Amarah and Petra have installed themselves to chat and get to know one another. All being young, and relatively new to the army, they feel a sense of kinship.

“So, Conrad! How was sharing a tank with me? Wasn’t it a… blast?” Henry says, grinning. Conrad shakes his head with amusement.

“Heh. It was alright, and at least I didn’t have to be the one driving.” he replies. “Uh, good job today, ladies. You really won it for us out there.”

“Oh, thank you!” Petra beams. “I’m working hard to impress my teacher. I’ve been with this army for a while, but I’ve never had the chance to really let my talents show, you know?”

“I understand that.” Amarah replies, smiling. “I’m sure you’ll manage it in this campaign! Who is your teacher, anyway?”

“Well, in particular, there’s a man named Edgar. He once taught Eagle, a long time ago, and rumour has it that he used to battle frequently with a CO from Yellow Comet. That CO was said to be invincible, but people often said that Edgar was his equal in power. And he taught Eagle everything he knows.” Petra explains. “He took me under his wing when I first joined the army, and now I want to show him how much I’ve learned. Next time he’s deployed alongside us, I’ve got to prove myself!”

“That’s quite a story. I’m almost tired just listening to it.” Conrad says, shrugging. “Sounds good though. Best of luck, Petra.”

“Thank you! How about you, Amarah? Did you find today’s battle OK?”

“I… yes, for the most part.” Amarah says. “I was just a bit taken aback by how cold Sebastian was to me today. Have any of you met him, by any chance? I’d be curious to know how you found him.”

“Ah, Seb.” Henry says, nodding. “I know of him! He’s a lively lad, or… was, anyway. He met this girl called Adelaide during military academy, and she… she just got in his head. She says he asked her out, but I’m not so sure. All I know is, they’re in a relationship, and she’s… uh, she definitely wears the trousers, if you catch my drift.”

Amarah’s face falls. “I see… that doesn’t sound too good. I wish there was something I could do, but… I don’t want to get under their feet or anything.”

“He seems happy.” Conrad says, shrugging. “Wouldn’t worry much about it.”

“I don’t know… I don’t get a good vibe from Adelaide.” replies Petra.

The group are momentarily disturbed when Roland comes stomping in, sitting on an armchair nearby and sighing to himself.

“You alright, Roland?” asks Henry.

Roland lifts a hand in vague recognition of the statement, and sinks further into his seat. “Oh, yeah, mostly. It’s just typical, you know? First day at a proper battle, with all my friends - in a medium tank, no less - and my dad just so happens to be in the same battle, and proceeds to embarrass me the whole time.”

“I feel you. Some of the things he was saying,” Conrad replies, shrugging. “Well, I wouldn’t say them myself. That guy needs to think before he speaks.”

“That’s Wallace, right?” Petra asks. “He’s always been like that, as far as I know. Edgar was always telling him to hold his tongue.”

“I’ve done the same.” Roland replies, sitting up and looking at the group. “You ever tried talking to a brick wall that cracks innuendos constantly? Not fun.”

“No, I can imagine. Perhaps what he needs is a stern talking-to, like… an intervention, or something.” Amarah says.

“Well, it’s not for us to decide.” Henry says. “Roland, you’re sounding a little bit maldadjusted about this whole business. How about we watch a movie or something to take your mind off it?”

“Henry’s right. Us youngsters have to stick together!” Petra says, grinning.

Roland can’t help but smile at the earnest young people sat around his armchair, and he nods, and prepares to stand.

“A movie sounds great. Let’s do it, guys.”