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by Seraphroy

Part 3: The Numbers Game

Last time, the Beast got trounced by useful placement of artillery, and we rescued an amnesiac girl who has an unsettling amount of knowledge on our counrty's army. I'm sure this means little to the plot, and isn't even brought up in this mission.

The music in this game is really something. I should have been linking this earlier

: That's right. The earthquakes and tidal waves destroyed most of the cities, but... In some places, survivors have begun banding together. This village is one such area. Admist the anarchy and chaos, they've come together to reestablish laws and government.

: The world's been destroyed. There's no one left to help them enforce their laws.

: That's why they're doing it on their own. They need some way to create order. No one forced them to do it. It's just natural to try to prevent murder and other crimes. You see, Will? Even in the most unexpected places, humanity shows its inherent virtue.

: A society that doesn't punish murderers is a society where anyone can be murdered. A society of sleepless nights, where people live in fear of everyone around them. When faced with tht, it only makes sense to band together and agree to prohibit murder.

: They certainly didn't change you, did they Lin? I see you still don't factor in human decency. As for you, Will, you and the girl will be safe once we get you to the village. You're civilians, so they'll welcome you with open arms.

Yep. Open arms. Thanks Brenner.

: D-don't try anything funny! We've got snipers watching you!

: My name's Brenner. I'm captain of the 12th Battalion of the Rubinelle Army. I need to talk to your mayor. Tell him I'm here.

: What if you're with those raiders? What if you're here to attack us?

: Yeah, I bet that's it! You came back to kill us all, didn't you?

I'm sure if that were the case, we'd be using the artillery we had last map, kid.

: Listen, we don't want trouble. Your mayor owes me his life. Tell him my name, and I'm sure he'll agree to see us.

: C'mon guys! Help us out, will you?

: Hey... You're too young to be one of them raiders. Maybe you're OK after all. Wait here! We'll go get the mayor.

: About time...

: What do you want, Brenner? we're trying to live in peace. We don't need your kind here.

: So it seems. Don't worry, we'll move out as soon as we finish what we came here for. We rescued some civilians a few clicks back, including an injured girl. I want you to take them.

: I hope you're not marching in here and giving us orders. I truly don't. Things aren't that simple, friend. My village is barely getting by as is.

: No one's giving orders. I'm asking for your help. They're just a couple of kids. They're not going to make it out there alone.

: Reality? The reality is that there's nothing out there but cockroaches and corpses. These people survived. They're alive, and it's up to us to keep them that way.

: Maybe that was true before, but now? I don't think so.

: The more people we have living here, the more mouths we have to feed. We can't afford it.
I hate this guy already. We may as well leave, Freehaven (the name of the village) doesn't seem all that welcoming.

: So you think they're not worth saving?
Brenner, the master of diplomacy...

: That's not what I'm saying! We don't want to see anyone die, Brenner. You know that. But you don't know what you're asking. We simply don't have the means to take them in. I'm sorry.

: I see.

: You're soldiers. You can use your weapons to take what you need.

: You heard the mayor! Hit the road! We don't need warmongers in our lives! You read me?
Do remember this. It comes back up in about... 15 seconds.

: I read you. Sorry, Will, but it looks like you're going to be traveling with us until we find another village.

: Don't worry, Captain, that's fine with--

: Head for cover! Those raiders are back! Where's the mayor?!

: The raiders? Are you sure?

: Nothing like a nice day of raiding, murder, and revenge! Gwar har har!

: Of all the luck...

: Dear mother of mercy! Look at those savages!

: They've destroyed every village in the region, and now they've come for us!
So much for "Hit the road!". Though I suppose Freehaven has a good excuse. Case in point:

: All right. Leave them to us. You get your people out of here. Start evacuating!

: In regards to payment...

: There's no time for that now! Get moving!

: They enjoy a significant advantage in firepower.

Brenner's strategy: who needs guns when you have soldiers! Flawless.

Brenner's Theme, which carries us through the majority of the game during our turns. Bad. Ass.

Alright, Lin is correct. They almost double us in number. But we have a great chokepoint near us, we're concentrated, while the Beast is spread out. The numbers may be daunting, but planning (and bullets!) will prevail here.

We have a new unit though: The Mech. The mech is an improved form of infantry. They move slower than infantry on flat ground, but can cover mountains at the same rate as any other terrain, making them more effective in that situation than anything else we've seen so far. They also tote a rocket launcher for facing armored units, like... almost anything the Beast has out on the field this map. With only 3 shots though, and the defence of swiss cheese, you want them taking the first shot from cover.

Let's get started. Those enemy infantry are in great position for our mechs and tanks. We take them both out, dropping the Beast's unit count to 7. With nothing but our artillery left, we need to pick a spot for it to be safe from anything, while having great opportunities for attacks.

Checking the movement range of that recon, we can see that it can only just come around the bend. The artillery will be safe in amongst the three mountain ranges.

The Beast's Theme

: Move! I want that dogface's head on a plate!

Beginning of day two, and the Beast moves his recon as far as it possibly can go. Everything else moves up, and begins to cluster. I launch an artillery strike on the recon for it's foolishness, then move the western tank into the woods to finish it off.

Checking unit range again, the tank is a huge threat, and with nothing but my own tank to move up, we want to keep it safe. We place it directly beside the tank in the woods.

Day three, and the Beast moves his units up again. His tank is in range of the artillery, so we make it pay. We also leave the enemy recon at 1HP with the tank on the road. There is a problem though. Our mech is in range of the recon. That's problematic.

Problem solved. I then derp a little and don't use my other tank to kill the enemy recon. Instead I end my phase.

Nothing of interest happens. The Beast's artillery is now in range of mine. I take a pot shot at it. My eastern mech moves up as well, taking on the bike. The tank in the woods attacks the 1HP recon, killing it. I use a combination of the remaining tank on the road and the western mech to take out the other recon.

: I'm going to wipe you out if it's the last thing I do.
Brenner's pissed. Can't really blame him. Beginning of day four. The bike the mech on the mountain attacked decided to suicide on the western mech instead of testing it's mountain battle capability. The enemy artillery returned fire on ours, leaving us in a massive advantage. First things first, we destroy the artillery with our own, and take out the remaining recon with our western mech. Two enemies remain, and we still have three left to act.

The game plan here? the east tank rolls across the road and attacks the remaining bike. Our mech takes it out.

The tank has no issue clearing out the remaining enemy. Victory for the safety of the jerks in Freehaven!

: Head for home, roaches! We'll feast on these fools another day!

: That's how the 12th Battalion fights!

Enemies remain? What? I thought that was a nice rout...

: Sir, they're gone! There's not a raider to be seen for miles!

: Good work, everyone.

: I'm not above reconsidering my position on your refugees.

: Is that so?

: It is. However, there is one...condition.

: Go on.

: As you've seen, we live in constant danger from those raiders. They may well regroup and attack us again tomorrow. Do you really think it's a good idea to leave your kids in such a situation?

: Kids? Hey, I can look after--

: Unfortunately, we don't have the weapons or training to go after them.

: I get it. So we wipe out the raiders, and you'll agree to take in--

: Something like that, yes. If you agree to my proposal, I'll consider your request.

"Something like that"? Sounds kinda ominous. I still don't like the mayor.


We take the fight to the Beast!