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Part 21: Bonus Tactics Rooms 13-18

In the past 6 missions we've watched our leader get nuked, watched a war veteran get shot point blank, told an egomaniac to shut up, and finally finished with the tutorials. I sense progress is happening.

That said, let's find out what the characters are up to in the War Rooms for the recent missions. This is being presented differently than the last two times, with links to the mission in question, but no screenshots of the dialogue. Think of it a little more like the support convos from the myriad of Fire Emblem LP's out there.

Misison 13: Greyfield fucks around with my command.

: Huh? Where's Lieutenant Lin?

: ...Sorry I'm late!

: Hmmm... There's something different about you today...

: Oh! Hey, Will!

: Isabella! What are you doing here? And what's that on your eyes?

: It's called mascara. ...What? Don't stare at me like that. Isabella asked me for help with her makeup. Poor kid found some in the rubble and thought it would be fun to try it on.

: Hee hee! This is fun! Although Lin doesn't know much about this kind of thing. She told me that axle grease makes a fine skin-care product. I'm not sure that's true...
Sure it is! You ever see mechanics? They have GREAT skin...

: Um... Are you sure there's nothing more important you should be doing?

: Please leave the prioritizing of tasks to your superiors.

: Oh! Sorry, sir.

: Use gunboats to transport troops and secure the islands. Greyfield's bizarre orders are going to immobilize units from time to time. But you can plan for that by building a wide variety of units.

: Understood!

: Sink the enemy carriers and battle ship with your sub and battleship. Then station a carrier, sub, and rig on the western island. That will prevent enemy naval units from sailing through these waters. Use battleships and seaplanes to pound ground forces near their HQ, then transport a contingent of ground forces and capture the enemy HQ. Now, if you have no...objections...Isabella and I have more to discuss.

: Please! Go right ahead!

: Is there something else I can help you with, Will?

: No! No, I think I'll be OK. Thank you.

: So anyway, Isabella, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted... White is a great color for summer, but never wear it into battle. Are you taking notes?
You hear THAT, Jake? No whites in battle!

: I sure am, Lin. Oh, Will! Maybe we can color YOUR hair, too! That would be fun!

: Time to go...
I went and checked, the CO colors menu doesn't give us the option of changing Will's hair color. Or Brenner's. That's unfortunate, I had a joke lined up for this spot if it did.

Mission 14: The death of Forsythe.

: I say, good day to you. I am General Forsythe, an old dog who has spent his life fighting for the Lazurian Army. I was asked to share some of my tactical knowledge with you. Being all too familiar with this terrain and its dangers, I agreed. I shall treat this as a war game and advise you as the course of action I would undertake. Smashing! Let us begin.

: First, secure the cities and airport to the east with your infantry units. Then gather your men just outside the range of the enemy rocket. These units should always be backed by indirect-attack units. The rocket unit behind the plasma beam is a right nasty piece of work. Destroy the meteorite on the right with bombers and long-range units. This will cause the plasma to vanish and let you move on the rocket.

: As you were.

: General Forsythe, it has been an honor.

: Oh, my dear. The pleasure was all mine.

: I can see why you have gone down in history as a master tactician.

: The judgement of history is none of my concern. I wish only to fight with honor for my country.

: There should be more like you, General.

: And now, I take my leave of you.

For the only time Forsythe comes into the War Room, they didn't do much with it. He DOES give a good strategy, though.

Mission 15: Fuck Escort Missions

: So you must be Gage, the Lazurian Army CO.

: Yep.

: No matter what you think of me, we need to leave the past in the past. Now we work together or face destruction.

: Agreed.

: I'm going to outline a strategy that should let your forces escape.

: Understood.

: You're a man of few words, aren't you?

: ...Yep.

: Our first task is to eliminate the enemy rocket. Once it's gone, concentrate fire on the meteors to clear that plasma. The recon units to the west will have to be dealt with as well. Once the plasma is gone, fall back and make a defensive stand.

: Does that work for you?

: Yep.

: Good enough. Let's go.

It only gets worse for the ones Gage is in from here.

Mission 16: Co Powers! Will stands up to Greyfield!

: Welcome to the Tactical Tip Show. Our guest today is...

: The name's Tasha. The things I love are my brother and my fellow Lazurian soldiers. The things I hate are the Rubinelle Army Rubinelle Army. My hobbies include professing my love for the Lazurian Army and vowing revenge.

: A bit surprising that we've ended up on the same side, isn't it?

: Huh. Yeah, I guess it is.

: To think you once swore death on all who dared to call Rubinelle home.

: Yeeeeah... Yeah, I seem to remember saying something like that. Anywho...

: Station Infantry in the woods or other places where they can hide. Once they're safe, fan them out and capture factories and airports. The woods around the central mountain range provide good cover. Transport troops to the distant cities to gain extra funding. Once you're set, strike by ground from the NW and air from the SE.

: I changed my mind. I think I'll just vow revenge on Greyfield and not you. How's that?

: Tasha? I think you and I are going to get along just fine...
Tasha ends up being one of the better characters for War Rooms as the game goes on. I'm kind of pleased by this, given she always seems like a one dimensional character in the actual story.

Mission 17: Talon Guns and not liking it when people try to kill Tasha.

: Finally! It's ABOUT TIME someone invited me to this! Sooooooo... Will, is it? Such a common name. Have you come to beg for forgiveness for your pitiful weakness?

: ...I'm sorry, what?

: I totally pity the weak. It must be so sad to be so poor and weak and whatnot. But because I'm such a nice person, I'm going to give you a few priceless battle tips.

: Um...thanks?

: And in return, you get to be my servant for the rest of your life.

: That's a terrible deal.

: You'll clean my room every day, cook for me, do my shopping... It'll be wonderful! Don't frown like that! You're not just any servant!. You're MY servant!

: That's even worse!
Bail out! Mayday! Mayday! OH GOD WHY.

: Secure the east side of the map and build defenses in the mountain pass. You'll want anti-air units and missiles in both the upper and lower halves. Once it's safe, build bombers and have them make a run at the Talon Gun.

: That's...that's actually good advice. Thank you.

: Now you're my servant for life!

: I did NOT agree to that!

: I need my dress ironed and ready for me to wear every morning, servant! And I need breakfast in bed. Except on Monday, because that's waffle day...

: ...My head hurts.

: And that's the end of Tabitha's Tactics! Until next time, my faithful servant!
Man, waffle day sounds AWESOME. I need to implement that in my life.

Mission 18:The Creeper! And Com Towers

: Who better to talk strategy than a pair of proud Lazurian commanders? I'm Tasha! I love fighting, old war movies, and dumpling soup. And this is...

: Gage.

: Come on! After my great introduction, that's all you can say?! You have to win people over, you know? Sell yourself!

: ...That's not my thing.

: We really have to work on your people skills. But don't worry! I'll show you how it's done. Intelligent, fun, and a little bit dangerous... It's time for Tasha's Tactics Hour!

: ...Yay.

: Get your CO to the com tower as fast as possible. That's priority one. Then move southwest and join forces with the blue army. Once you meet up, protect the anti-air units with your ground forces.

: Good advice.

: You have nothing to add?

: Nope.

: Bah! You're hopeless! Anyway, you should let the blue army handle the air units and war tank.

: That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed Tasha's Tactics Hour! I'm going to go find something fun to do. Gage is going to go be depressed.
Tasha makes this one bearable, I think. She's really starting to get into the mood for Tactics. Gage... not so much.

That's all of them this time, folks. Next one will be after the final mission, since we're only 8 away from that point.