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Part 10

There once was a man named Gideon
That had to decide who was carrion
So the aliens' god
Dumped his old broad
And ran far away with the pretty one

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8-14-04, Donald Mustard: "For example, racing down a canyon on a speeder bike you are being chased by a Seeker dropship and several other speeders. As shots from the dropship wiz past you must fight off the speeders by shooting them, ramming them into the narrow canyon walls, or if you're good enough, by jumping from your bike to theirs and throwing them from it. After a few moments the dropship will close in on you and open its forward doors so that the Seekers inside can get a better shot at you. We cut to a five second cinematic of Gideon seeing this and slamming his brakes, which causes him to collide with the closely pursuing dropship. He quickly swings off of his bike and into the dropship as control is returned to the player who must now face off with the Seekers who weren't knocked out of the dropship by the collision. After killing the seekers you have a choice, either kill the pilot and take control of the dropship or steal one the speeders from the upper bay of the ship. (I prefer dropping a grenade into the closing bay doors as I lift of on a speeder and watching the dropship explode beneath me)."

"The Seeker culture, as it exists today, is an evolved form of a communal philosophy that rose from the ashes of a nearly destroyed civilization.

After centuries of war and destruction, Seekers refusing to perpetuate post-war anarchy gravitated together in small communities for safety. The success of the community become equated with a higher quality of life. Thus enlightened individuals sought Communal gain over personal advancement. All members of the community had their place and were no better or worse than any other member. They soon found that operating under this premise, all individuals benefitted equally.

However, this prosperity did not go unnoticed. Jealous survivors allied with power-hungry community members plotted to undermine the society for personal gain.

In order to secure their liberties and way of life, an aggressive defensive campaign against this onslaught was adopted. Extreme measures were taken in order to root out all individuals that did not believe in the 'community.' Anyone thought to be anti-community were hunted out and destroyed. Over the centuries, this veritable witch-hunt engendered apathy to genocide and finally infanticide. Desensitized to the plight of others, the Seekers became obsessed with maintaining a perfect society. Many felt that their society had indeed reached a level of Divinity. Flattered by success and prosperity, a God-like perception pervaded the attitude of the Seekers. Manifesting itself through imperial conquest, this God-complex derived affirmation with every race encountered and every species conquered. Indeed, these races were impressed if not obliterated by the Seeker's strength and technological supremacy."

The Seekers are well-known for their supposed generosity towards newly discovered species. When a new race is found, the N'Kul will usually descend on the planet and offer to build their people and civilization to the point where they are recognized by the Galactic Senate and allowed a representative during senate meetings. This kindness is roped in with some conditions, though: the Seekers will occupy that planet for one thousand years and govern it from a distance, while still allowing the people of the planet to have small governmental bodies. They will also place restrictions on whatever that species produces to make them Seeker-friendly or -controllable at a moment's notice, allowing them to curb any potential uprising.

The Aurelians are almost finished with the Seekers' millennial occupation policy.

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Ammo: 450/900 (3/6)
Clipsize: 45 (3)

"Assault rifle with ceramic piston release shaft and sub-mounted grenade launcher."

The Rockwell-Young XJ9 is a standard-issue assault rifle. It has one of the largest clipsizes of any weapon in the game, and also has a capacity of nine-hundred bullets when wielding two. Its power really comes out when dealing with multiple enemies, particularly Seeker Wolves, as it'll take out several before they get a chance to attack. When dual wielding them, it's really easy to work out a constant stream of bullets by switching hands while the other reloads.

That strategy can be improved slightly once you unlock the alt-fire mode, which lets you turn it into a grenade launcher. The grenades work exactly the same as human grenades, but seem to have a slightly higher arc than when thrown. Like with normal grenades, though, it's quite easy to trigger a chain reaction with others lying on the ground that will kill you instantly. The grenades of course do not use up any of the XJ9's actual ammo, like some weapons.

It's a fairly common gun, and appears in weapon cases nearly as much as the Talmage.

One bit of the game's code implies that the developers originally intended the XJ9's alt fire to be sticky grenades, like the H.A.Z.E.'s.