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Part 11

This video is like the shuttle one, but with a Scythe! MERCY!

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"A simple, enduring classic--what the military guys call the epitome of common-sense engineering and dependability--the Scythe is an all-terrain vehicle which has remained unchanged in the service for over a decade. It's armed with a high-caliber chaingun and with the capability of transporting a driver and three marines. The shielded nitro-tanks allow for a burst over short distances and can be rerouted through the dorsal jump jets to prevent rollovers."

The Scythe is pretty much the most fun vehicle in the game (with one exception). The two booster jets it comes equipped with on the back are occasionally powerful enough to overcome gravity and push the buggy into normally inaccessible locations. Simply parking it on a steep slope and firing up the jets can propel you across the map. It also comes with another two rockets positioned to the sides of the passenger seats that shoot straight up to flip the vehicle back over. How two flaming jets right next to the backseat passed safety regulations I will never know.

On the opposite trigger or button to boost is the handbrake. It sounds like something no one in their right mind would ever use, but if you're moving at a decent clip, it will automatically cause the Scythe to make a 180̊ turn. And if you have flat enough ground, you can do donuts.

And if that wasn't enough, you can make the buggy jump, either to get some added height to your boost or to feel like you somehow installed hydraulics inside of it by sheer force of will. It's also worth noting that the Scythe has a lot of health. You can sit under a constant barrage of bullets for at least thirty seconds before it self-destructs out of pity for you not putting its crazy stunting capability to good use.

One of the rarer things you'll see with the Scythe is its ability to pick up marines and let them hop in the back. Although it's a little iffy, if you drive close to a marine and angle the back end slightly towards them, they'll hop into one of the passenger seats and fire off some warning shots at enemies. The choice between Olivia and Ethan has a slight effect here: if you pick Ethan, he'll man the turret situated on top and give it a few squeezes every now and then. But if you pick Olivia, she usually rides in the back just to be as unhelpful as possible. She doesn't even fire from there like the marines do, she'll just make snide comments.

Unfortunately, the Scythe only appears in chapter two and three. At least it has a longer stay than the shuttle, I guess.