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Part 29

In this video, I Race to Save Humanity.

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So the Race To Save Humanity contest was supposed to be six weeks long, but only ended up lasting two of those before they effectively cancelled it. There was one set up for each chapter, and assumably to be released in sequential order (judging by the fact that the first was in chapter one and the second was in chapter two).

In this video, I've replicated the positions of the contest logos, and included two secrets areas where I believe another two were intended to be hidden in chapter four and chapter five. Chapter three and six seem to be at such a loss for good hiding spots that I didn't feel fit trying to show off more areas, lest it detract from the interestingness and significance of the other locations.

I feel quite strongly about the location shown in chapter four, because the explosions are scripted, and that alcove and those doors have so little other use besides going through them... backwards? The only benefit to even jumping over to that section is that it can serve as a small, but extremely dangerous shortcut.

Chapter five's secret I really don't see as being anything other than where a contest logo would be hidden. It's so easily viewable from the ground--which judging from the logo in chapter two they weren't entirely opposed to doing--that it would probably drive people mad. On top of that, the door in the room with the Shock Trooper is programmed to open, it just doesn't have a trigger.

(Tomorrow's video is probably going to be a bit late.)