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Part 32

This time, we take a bigger bite out of Chapter 6.

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Age: 79
Height: 8'4"

"Enorym commands the elite Fellidic [sic] Warriors, and is beloved of his troops and known throughout the Aurelian Military not only for his bravery and strength, but also his wisdom and integrity. Under the wings of Kelehm, this popular hero is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in political circles as well. Enorym's loyalty to Kelehm is only rivaled by his devotion to Aurelia."

Something I think the game does really effectively is how it sets up Enorym as a leader about halfway through the game after Kelehm's death. It's a subtle shift in direction, since from that point on, the game is much more militaristic, more gameplay-heavy. Enorym himself also ends up sorta taking up Kelehm's banner towards the end, at first always being the skeptic and the one who doubts humanity's potential. Even with the cuts, Enorym is a really fleshed-out character, and you have to give the game credit for making what seems like a fairly un-noteworthy person at the start change so drastically to become a major character by the end.

You might recognize Enorym's voice actor, Michael Bell, from Metal Gear Solid 3 where he played The Fear.

In most of the promotional material (including the manual), Enorym's picture is just a normal Aurelian warrior.

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Ammo: 18/36 (6/12)
Clipsize: 6 (2)

"A multi-tiered intelligent projectile platform capable of guiding multiple implosion rockets towards several targets simultaneously."

The Gnashbone Fury is another familiar weapon with a new coat of paint. It works as the Seeker's Talmage equivalent, but there are more differences between them than the XJ9 and Darkfire, starting with its six-rocket clip. Also, instead of letting the rockets shoot in a straight line, the Fury lets its rockets curve and do some light heat-seeking, which can throw you off pretty easily sometimes.

The Fury's alternate fire is again like the Talmage: tracking. A minor difference is that the Fury only has a two-rocket clip in this mode, and it for some reason shoots them both at the same time. The reason this is irritating is each time you reload, it sucks another two rockets from your ammo supply, which means you only get four shots in this mode. And again, getting it to level five unlocks guidance, which lets you direct its missiles yourself by holding the fire button.

This is also one of the rarest Seeker weapons. It's another one that you see largely when a Seeker drops them, but chapter six puts them all over the place in weapon racks.