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Part 155: Chapter 155

FirePhoenix posted:

Does giving the troll the pearl make our score go down like it did when we gave it the vase?

Wait, give him the golden eggs then say fee fie foe foo to make them warp back to you (if I read how they work correctly).

Hell, a lot of our inventory is expensive sounding. he'd probably take anything.

In fact, you're right. The troll will take any treasure (anything that gives you points when deposited at the well house). Giving him one will cost us points, both when we pick it up from the well house and when we hand it over. (At this point that hardly seems like a spoiler, especially since you folks have come up with a clever way of trying to get around it.)

Jazzimus Prime posted:

Yes, do this, after restoring the save so we get the vase back.

e: And maybe drop off the bird and cage. We might not need it anymore since we already used it against the snake; these things usually only have one use in these kinds of games.

OK. Let's see if I have any orange smoke left...


Inside Building
You are inside a building, a well house for a large spring.

>get eggs and food
nest of golden eggs: Taken!
tasty food: Taken.

[Your score has just gone down by nine points.]

>drop cage

Stay safe, Chirpy. We'll be back if we run into snakes or mysterious gas pockets.

AutistTree posted:

Seconding dropping the bird cage for now.
Also, take the trident and use it against the bear! Ludi incipiant!

OK, grabbing the trident too.


>get trident
You're carrying too many things already.

Or perhaps not.

You are carrying:
  a small bottle
  some tasty food
  a nest of golden eggs
  a black rod with a rusty star on the end
  a dwarvish axe
  a brass lantern (providing light)
  a ming vase

We have seven things already. Should we drop something else to make room? Should we drop more than one thing so we have room to pick stuff up? Should we abandon the idea of poking the angry bear with a trident? And I guess I should give people some more time to decide if we want anything else from here.