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Part 201: Chapter 201

Heffer posted:

I've played enough dungeon crawl to know that we need to butcher the corpse and then cast Enchant Armor on the green dragon hide.


>butcher corpse
That's not a verb I recognise.

>cut dragon with axe
I only understood you as far as wanting to cut the dragon's body.

>cut dragon
Cutting that up would achieve little.

We don't have an unlimited supply of light anyway, and that would take hours. Maybe we can come back for it later with a team of specialists, or at least a chainsaw.

Jazzimus Prime posted:

Get the rug and put it in the wellhouse!


>get rug

[Your score has just gone up by seven points.]

I think it will look rather fetching in our little shed. We can display the shards of the ming vase on it once we get tired of the damn thing and smash it again.


Inside Building
You are inside a building, a well house for a large spring.
A solid golden chain lies in coils on the ground!

You can also see a selection of rare spices, a nest of golden eggs, a large gold nugget, a ming vase, a velvet pillow, a jeweled trident, a glistening pearl, some precious jewelry, some diamonds, a treasure chest and some bars of silver here.

>drop rug
Safely deposited.

[Your score has just gone up by nine points.]

President Ark posted:

Holy shit! What are we, a kung-fu master?

Stow that rug away then continue down the passage.


>jump kick
I only understood you as far as wanting to jump.

>break wall with fist
You can't see any such thing.

It looks like we aren't Bruce Lee, either. Maybe someday we'll figure out who we really are.


Secret Canyon

The body of a huge green dead dragon is lying off to one side.


Secret N/S Canyon
You are in a secret N/S canyon above a large room.