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Part 202: Chapter 202

Slaan posted:

Try >s to see if we head back to the dragon room, and then go >n again if it does.

Also >hadoken because every kung-fu master can do it!



Secret Canyon

The body of a huge green dead dragon is lying off to one side.

Looks like this exit is reversible, so...



Secret N/S Canyon


In Mirror Canyon
You are in a north/south canyon about 25 feet across. The floor is covered by white mist seeping in from the north. The walls extend upward for well over 100 feet. Suspended from some unseen point far above you, an enormous two-sided mirror is hanging parallel to and midway between the canyon walls.

A small window can be seen in either wall, some fifty feet up.

The mirror is obviously provided for the use of the dwarves, who as you know, are extremely vain.

That's not a verb I recognise.

Are you kidding? You couldn't even pull off the Gadouken.


Hmm. These measurements seem familiar somehow.

Incidentally, in caving terms a "window" is not actually a real window; it's just a small, irregular hole that opens into another chamber. (Like an actual window with no glass.)