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Part 25: Chapter 25

Gay Abortions posted:

A crack, you say? We should examine that further.

Resisting... obvious... joke...


>x crack
The crack is very small -- far too small for you to follow.

The crack is far too small for you to follow.

Oh, well. While we're at it:


>x pit
The pit is breathing traces of white mist.

>x mist
Mist is a white vapor, usually water, seen from time to time in caverns. It can be found anywhere but is frequently a sign of a deep pit leading down to water.

The game wrote the behind-the-scenes info for me!

So it looks like we're forced to go down here, in the absence of any alice-in-wonderland cakes that make us small. Should we do that, or do people want to try anything else first?