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Part 42: Chapter 42

RickVoid posted:

That dwarf was only a dabbling thrower.

We're carrying quite a bit of stuff. Should we maybe XYZZY our way back to the well-house (which is probably safe for storage) or wait until we hit the carry limit?

... Did Adventure even have a carry limit?

It does, but I'm not going to say what it is. I will say that we are currently carrying seven objects, since the bottle-and-water count as one and the bird-and-cage count as one.

Votes? If you want to put things back in the well house, tell me what, or we can keep going until we actually hit the limit (at which point I'll hold another vote unless there's a clear loser object in this one). That said, though...


Nothing happens.


...there may be another factor involved in the xyzzy magic. (Just in case that affects your vote.)


Our inventory:
You are carrying:
  a black rod with a rusty star on the end
  a dwarvish axe
  a small bottle
    some bottled water
  a brass lantern (providing light)
  some tasty food
  a set of keys
  a wicker cage (which is closed)
    a little bird