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Part 4: Business Plan - 1955

Business Plan - 1955

Primary Objectives:
7 - Liquidate Tu104s (Replace with DC6s)
6 - Procure IL14s (Deploy on short/mid range flights)
6 - Bid in Rome and Cairo (Intent to establish hubs for Europe and Africa)
The shareholders are in clear agreement - We need to lock eyes on new horizons. We’re going to hit the ground running, get up to full speed and take flight. (We’re an airline, you see.) We’re going west. We’re stepping up to take on the Russians in Egypt, and diving into the heart of Europe to hit them where they live.

And we’ll do it by showing the superpowers we don’t need to pick a side to be on the winning team. We’re taking the best of both worlds by combining a cutting edge Soviet lightweight with a battle-hardened American workhorse to bring dependable, economical air travel to the Old World.

Secondary Objectives:
5 - Bid in India (Bombay & New Delhi)
5 - Open Local Routes (Baghdad & Tashkent)
5 - Purchase Hotel in Tehran
4 - Grow and develop Local Routes
3 - Maximize Slots in Tehran
3 - Purchase Bus Network in Tehran
While we’re out there drawing battle lines against the big guys, we won’t forget to dig in our roots at home and start rolling out service in the Middle East. Staying #1 in our home region is vital to success, and getting cash flowing early will help us do that and more.

Stretch Goals:
-Hotels in Tashkent, Islamabad, and other cities we connect.
-Local Bidding in Karachi, Backing off in Islamabad.
-Secondary bidding in Tunis and Berlin to prepare for routes in Europe and Africa.
-Inroads into SE Asia via Bangkok.
Any time to spare will go to fine-tuning and shoring up our infrastructure in the areas staked out by our main actions, and warming up to open a new front in the east.

Executive Names:

Killer Emcee posted:

Igor Strago
Just got back from behind the Iron Curtain and now he's ready for capitalism!

Veronica Peters
Ready to make her mark in this male dominated industry.

Cindy Strong
Actually doesn't mind working in a male dominated industry and spends her free time writing poetry about flowers that no one understands.

Jerry Stiles
An intern that was promoted to agent on day one.

Steven Frederickson
Do not cross him, or he will destroy you.

I’ll leave discussion of our rival executives open a while longer, But for 1955 the polls are closed.

Next time, we’ll see what happens when this Aero-Plan hits reality as we take off into 1955.