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Aerobiz Supersonic

by A_Raving_Loon

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Original Thread: FASTEN SEATBELTS - Let's Aerobiz



Once upon a time, Koei made RPGs, Strategy Games, and Simulations. This is one of them.

Aerobiz Supersonic is a business sim released for the SNES and Genesis in 93/94, in which up to four players compete to build the best globe-spanning airline that money can buy. Despite the bizarre mismatch of a sim/strategy game on a 16 bit console, the game is actually fairly well made. The mechanics have some depth without being opaque. The player is given easy access to important information needed to make decisions, and figure out what makes for good and bad play. The AI is capable of working with those rules and, at the game's higher difficulties, can compete with human players without relying on behind-the-scenes cheating. The whole interface has been designed to be reasonably navigated with a d-pad and 6 buttons, so the absence of mouse control isn't too badly missed. And to top it all off, the soundtrack is composed of the most hypnotically relaxing muzak to ever crawl out of an elevator.

I'll be showing the game off by taking us through each of its four scenarios. I will not fly alone.


Through the magic of capitalism (or bureaucratic despotism) you, the stakeholders, will be making the calls that will lead our company to fortune or ruin. Stake out our territory, manage our fleet, outperform and undercut our enemies, or risk millions on buying hotels in Kazakhstan.

Each update will span four turns of play, or one year of game time, after which you'll be brought up to date and given fresh opportunities to run everything into or off of the ground. Planes are well known to do both.

Table of Contents

Explaining Mechanics

0. Getting Started
1. Islam is the Flight
1.1. Business Plan 1955
1.2. Limited Time Offer!
2. 1955 - The Year We Get Airborne
2.1 Non-Aerial Business
2.2 Business Plan 1956
3. 1956 - Spreading Our Wings
3.1 Business Plan 1957
4. 1957 - Building the Nest
4.1 Business Plan 1958
5. 1958 - Settling In
5.1 Business Plan 1959
6. 1959 - Lifestyle Adjustment
6.1 Business Plan 1960
7. 1960 - Living Within Means
7.1 Business Plan 1961
8. 1961 - Indecision
8.1 Business Plan 1962
9. 1962 - Look to the East
9.1 Business Plan 1963
10. 1963 - Coming of Jet Age
10.1 Business Plan 1964
11. 1964 - TokyAero Drift
11.1 Boat Vote
11.2 Business Plan 1965
12. 1965 - HydroBiz
12.1 Business Plan 1966
13. 1966 - Pax Aeronautica
13.1 Business Plan 1967
14. 1967 - Return to Normal
14.1 Business Plan 1968
15. 1968 - Connections
16. 1969-71 - Resurgence
17. 1972-74 - Conclusion
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