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Part 18: Business Plan 1961

Business Plan 1961

Routes   Planes   Biz     Flex    Bank
------   ------   ------  ------  ------
19,518   23,866    6,589   2,652  18,067
This year’s budget tipped firmly in favor of financing our fleet, and funds for new connections are starting to accumulate.

Primary Objectives:
6 - Connect Sydney
5 - Stick with Doug 
5 - THROM Hungers
Not enough to get us to Sydney this year, but the preference will be kept in mind as we expand our inventory of Doug.


Secondary Objectives:
3 - Ia Thr’Hkg
3 - Greco-Boatman Purchasing
Our other big inter-regional stirs in its timeless slumber beyond the grasp of mortal minds.

Still can’t afford that boat.

Stretch Goals:
Establish presence  in Tokyo
Prepare to go west
Our agents have a fair deal of spare time these days, so it shouldn’t be hard to place a few advance bids in unfriendly territory.