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Part 12: Business Plan 1958

Business Plan 1958

Primary Objectives:
5 - Connect Beijing and Bangkok
3 - Expand existing routes in Europe and Asia
We’ve played our hand and sunk our founding capital into a network which spans the old world. After a few more links links out east, we’ll dig in and get these routes up to their full potential. We will rearrange our fleet to better take advantage of the markets at our gates.

Secondary Objectives:
2 - Expand Routes in Middle East
2 - Establish Hub in Cairo
We have a firm lock on the homeland, but we much be vigilant. Terhan is the heart of air travel in the mideast, and none can take it from us. And while Russia has no idea how to profit from it, their experiments have prove that there’s tickets to be sold in Africa. If funds allow, we’ll move in and get ready to show them how it’s done.

Stretch Goals:
1 - Buy 707s for Major Routes
1 - Purchase Boats in Rome
The jet age is upon us. If funds allow, we’ll try our hand at early adoption of this new generation of aircraft.

Also, someone really wants a company yacht.