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Part 7: Non-Aerial Business

Non-Aerial Business

The more I learn about this game the more I come to respect its design.

The Casualty posted:

There is a way, actually! This LP got me back into playing again and I stumbled upon it accidentally. It's a little convoluted (as is the rest of the UI, if you ask me), but it's possible.
1. From the main screen, select the info tab (second row, looks like a radio tower)
2. The info tab is open. Select the Properties tab (second from the right, looks like buildings)
3. This breaks down your business holdings by type and region. Left/right changes the type, up/down changes the region. Find the business region and type you want to view and press A.
4. Now you can see a detailed view of the relevant businesses. Select one and press A and it gives you a precise income breakdown.

This is the business info screen. We can use this to check on the business holdings of any company, sorted by type and region.

And view, in detail, the current performance of each. (That's the part I didn't know about before)

They're paying out nicely, if gently. Businesses run on tighter margins than air routes, but are generally less sensitive to fluctuations. A stable investment to sink extra capital into. I'll tracking this data from now on, and report any interesting findings.