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Part 20: Business Plan 1962

Business Plan 1962

Routes   Planes   Biz     Flex    Bank
------   ------   ------  ------  ------
29,113   30,855    9,787  14,380  18,067
We enter 1962 with a well-balanced budget aimed primarily at growing our fleet and network. By way of a special proposal, we have instituted a fixed annual contribution to the flex account of one quarter of our profits.

Primary Objectives:
3 - Doug
‘Nuff Said.

Secondary Objectives:
2 - Link Chicago
2 - Link Sydney
2 - Expand Current Euro-Asian Service
In the absence of a miraculous free jet aircraft falling into our lap, killing hundreds, those first two will translate into more advance bidding to prepare for our breakout.

Stretch Goals:
Connect Tokyo
Greek Boat
One of these things may well happen this coming year.