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Part 30: - Pax Aeronautica

1966 - Pax Aeronautica

Q1 1966

The year begins with some cost-cutting measures. Precedent from our other business in India tells me we’ll never get more than 7 flights out of Calcutta, especially with the age of tiny planes like the IL14 very over. Giving back this time will save us money.

I roll back the changes made to our schedule last year. They really didn’t add up to much, and that Doug could be put to much better use.

Right here. Maximum flight count to London. That’s 320 new seats on our weekly Euro-schedule, about $1.2M in potential quarterly airfare.

I peg down some free slots in our open hubs. More scraps of time that we can find good use for.

Airports these days, with their short runways and their rock music blasting at all hours of the night!

ConAir really wants their home zone back.

And Air’Murica looks to enforce MonrAero Doctrine. New flights to Chile, more offers to Brazil.

The change in cash value is the only way to tell that I’m not just reusing the same screenshot.

(Or am I?)

Definitely reusing that gif. Fortunately, this storm lands off our network.

No sign of ending.

We’ll manage.

Q2 1966

Blue is taking a liking to the Constellation for their non-jet routes.

I’d like to introduce your all to a sterling example of the next generation of the Air-Travel industry. Doug Jr. may look a little rough around the edges, but the boy is every bit his father’s son and I have absolute confidence that he will-


Right then.

Over in Europe, the added capacity on our London connection sold out immediately. So much so that we’re once again ahead of AirMarx in Euro-sales. It’ll take a lot more than that to overtake the Americans, but it’s a profitable step in the right direction.

We’re feeling the Burn from ConAir’s efforts to undercut us in China. They’re only running one flight each, but the presence of those cheaper seats demands we take action to keep our share.

While it was once the best of our Mideast destinations, Tashkent has shown it can’t quite live up to much more than we have. Another place to shave away some unused time. Likewise, competition in Shanghai has shown the city’s not the sort of place to handle much more than daily flights. In each case, I still leave some room to grow. Just in case.

I suppose sometimes a few of the lines change colour too. That’s another way to tell them apart.

A mission to Taiwan reaffirms their desire to retake their home region.


Q3 1966

Behold, the largest plane which will appear in scenario one. 50% more chairs than the next leading competitor!

All the nice things they can’t have.

Second-rate plane for second-place airline.


Not a bad first turn for Doug Jr. That’s still 62 people per flight, nearly a Dougload. It’s a glass-half-full kinda deal.

Steady discounts will lure more young folks out to the beaches.

Peace in the Middle East.

None too soon. Expenses quickly fall back towards pre-war levels.

Q4 1966

Oh for fuck’s sake.

Appropriate measures are dragging people back to us in China. We’ve been trading back and forth with ConAir turn by turn.

More time to put on our side.

Junior settles in for the winter.

More outward focus, linking Sao Paulo and bidding in Iraq and New Zealand.

Con wants a piece of Kong. They also try for Munich out west.

The AI really does not know how to play Russia.

It is time for Gouging.

Times are good.

1966 Year-End Review

I may as well stop taking these until they bother to do something.

You win this round, Yang.

The war is over and we’ve come through in decent shape. We managed to continue adding value to the company despite the spike in fuel prices, kept pace in our competitive zones, and got a taste of some new Aero-Technology.

And to show for it, we pulled back up to $53,250K in profit this year.

Budget Carryover:
Routes   Planes   Biz       Flex    Bank
------   ------   ------  ------  ------
     0        0         0  12,702       0
Build our Plan, and Cut our Budget for 1967.