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Part 25: - TokyAero Drift

1964 - TokyAero Drift

Q1 1964

Groundbreaking for our new hub in America. Strangely, ConAir have taken more slots here than they can possibly use.

Their loss, our gain, as we have cash on hand to bring in further Doug. I’ve got big plans for you, Doug.

Typical bids in New York, and stocking up on Lockheeds.

The Americans get all experimental with a direct route from Europe to Asia, allowing their network to bypass our grip on Tehran. They also expand service in Australia, linking Melbourne and bidding in Brisbane.

The most activity we’ve seen from Russia in a while, linking Brussels and bidding in southern France.

Another type of disaster. This will absolutely crush Sydney’s stats for a turn.

This will end soon. It’s been a nice little boon for us.

Hong Kong also expands again. 18 more slots to fight over with the Americans.

Pretty ordinary turn on the big board. With so few active routes in Oceania, that flood didn’t cause nearly as much damage to anyone’s bottom line as that storm in New York. On a local scale, it ruined a lot of people’s days - only 1,644 people flew in the region this quarter, vs the 7,500-8,000 that’s been the norm.

Q2 1964

Look close, and you can see the tiny speck of red where their Aussie route suffered from the flood. They’ve not let that scare them off though.

Look close, and you can see the specks of black where they manage to break even.




Easy as adding 400 seats per week to our network. 4800 per quarter.

With demand for travel on the rise, THROM is becoming antiquated. LONTHR’s jets add up to 800 seats per week, well over the 640 found in eight Doug-loads. It will take great investment if would see THROM reclaim his crown.

Speaking of Doug-loads, time to press our luck in Japan. A second plane sets us up for daily flights to Tokyo.

Fishing around for other opportunities, I find Osaka and Fukuoka filled. We could only try for a single slot in each.

Sapporo, on the other hand, is open season.

Our last swipe at New York got us two more slots. With no other requests for bids, I try for one more.

A round of keeping pressure on our Hubs will start in Asia, buying 8 slots in Hong Kong.

Sunken Australia. This hit them worse than being at war hurt Cairo.

Same ‘ol from black.

All those houses getting swept into the sea left plenty of room for new runways!

Red Airline is Strongest.

In case you missed it, let’s look at the instant replay:

Q3 1964

The Ilyushin Design Bureau makes a triumphant return with Russia’s first modern jet liner. With stats like a B707 at 3/4 the price, the Soviets finally have something that can compete on the global market.

Another dip into South America. Black and Blue are all about getting into each other’s back yards.

Breathe it in a breathe it deep, folks.

Smells like victory.

Doug settles in nicely at his new place Stateside. We could get used to this.

Another round of Chicago-style negotiation will help make that happen.

Note the American tourism boom. It won’t stay long.

I celebrate our success in Japan with a 30% hike in fares. Sports are coming

A little highlight from ConAir’s portfolio. A modern jet liner assigned to sell 12 tickets to Pakistan. At least they had the sense to suspend this route that would cost them $300K per turn.

And what I came here for. Expanding our service to Japan made ConAir’s competing line implode. That, and all the business they lost to the flood. The flood helped.

They have nothing to say at this time.

Blue continues to push into Australia.


Black and Blue continue to fight over the southern hemisphere, and our lead in Asia holds strong through Sports.

Q4 1964

Oh Joy.

In better news, Piles of Olympic cash.

And other than that, there’s nothing new to report. While I could send Jerry off on another adventure, but this point we’re already sitting on a lot of unused time. Eventually the costs start to add up. He gets some time off.

Links to France, bids in Denmark.




We come down a little hard off Sports. Once our prices re-adjust we’ll be back in motion.

1964 Year-End Review

They’re coming after us in China.


Resting easy.

And us.

Though we didn’t break any quarterly records this year, the new additions to our network were all solid use of Doug and our performance was highly consistent, totaling $61,390K in profits. We’ve reasserted out lead in Asia, have a solid base in North America and have kept our existing network running at capacity.

Budget Carryover:
Routes   Planes   Biz       Flex    Bank
------   ------   ------  ------  ------
     0        0     9,787   4,376       0
Coming up on the halfway point of the scenario, we've reached a point where we can reliably grow our network year to year. What's next?

Build our Plan, and Cut our Budget for 1965.