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Part 14: Business Plan 1959

Business Plan 1959

Primary Objectives:
7 - Procure DC6s
6 - Expand existing routes, Prioritizing Asia
We’ve decided against jet aircraft for the near future, instead expanding our prop fleet in a way that will help us buddy up with a major US manufacturer. We’ll be putting those planes to bulking up our existing network, looking mostly east since the Italians are taking their sweet time laying new runways.

Secondary Objectives:
4 - Purchase Business in Hubs, Priority Hotel in Hong Kong
4 - Procure Long-Range Aircraft for connector flights, DC8-30 Preferred
If funds allow, we’ll go three-for-three with hotels in hubs, and pick up something we can use to go intercontinental down the line.

Stretch Goals:
3 - Go for Sydney
3 - Make moves towards South America
If our agents can spare the effort, they’ll put out feelers for making our way south.

Get A Boat:
3 - Greek
1 - Chinese
The dream lives on.