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Part 5: Surprise Emergency Meeting

Surprise Emergency Meeting

A special event has arisen which I feels calls for a quick flash-vote.

At the start of Q3 1955, this delightful random event fired. A government has approached our airline soliciting donations for a project of theirs. In this case, the UK is looking to make some improvements around the airport in Nigeria. Accepting this deal will give us a huge relations boost with Britain, making it much easier to do business in all cities they control. However, that $75 Million price tag is nothing to sneeze at.

So, dear shareholders, I ask you - Is this worth it?

Cast your votes over next 8 Hours to decide what we think of the British.

For reference, here are the cities currently held by the UK:
City         Region     Pop Econ Tour
--------     ------     --- ---- ----
Nairobi      Africa     0.6    8    5
Lagos        Africa     2.1   14   18
Manchester   Europe     0.4   22   36
London*      Europe     5.6   46   42
Nandi        Oceania    0.1    1    8
Singapore*   SE Asia    1.4   20   27
Kuala Lumpur SE Asia    0.6   21   28
Hong Kong*   SE Asia    4.1   37   31
Kingston     S. America 0.4   10   20

*Potential Hub