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Part 26: Attention All Boat-Voters

Attention All Boat-Voters

And there are quite a few of you, so attend well. The acquisition which has for so many years eluded you is finally within our grasp. Before this decade is out, will put a man on a boat and return him safely to his point of origin having payed us large quantities of money for the pleasure of it. But if we are to do this, and do it right and do it first there must be votes.

(Jerry's the one who is doing all the hard work, so I just want you to stay cool for a minute.)

The traditional target of the board's affections is also the most expensive of our options, with a purchase price which still exceeds our annual income. With out full budget and carryover adding up to $75,553, we could just afford to get this if we gave up all other purchases for 1965. If trends hold, we'd have the cash on hand to open negotiations in Q3.

Next in line, an option with two distinct advantages - a price nearly (but not quite) a Doug-worth lower, allowing us to make our purchase in Q2, and the chance to own a business called "Shanghai Pleasure Boat".

And a finally, something that's been right under our noses for a long time. Our ties with Brittan drive the price tag low enough that we could claim it right away and still have money left to add a plane this year.

A decision must be made:

First, be it decided if you are Pro-boat or Anti-boat.

If you are Pro-Boat - You must declare your choice of Athens, Shanghai, Hong Kong to be our ten-year anniversary gift to board of directors.

A pro-boat result means we will override the usual budget process and take all due measures to procure our vessel of choice.

An Anti-Boat result will see us carry on as normal and disregard all Hydro-business in the coming year.