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Part 10: Business Plan 1957

Business Plan 1957

Primary Objectives:
5 - Paris
5 - Athens
4 - Shanghai
4 - Taipei
We’re putting out new hubs to work by digging into valuable cities in Europe and Asia. These highly rated origins and destinations should form a sound foundation for future business.

Secondary Objectives:
3 - Madrid
3 - Calcutta
2 - Other Far East (China and UK)
2 - Algiers, Tripoli, Afro-Hub
Our efforts will spill over into more development of these core regions, then into anchoring our African possessions if time allows.

Stretch Goals:
1 - Vienna
1 - Singapore
1 - Bangkok
1 - America
A little more overflow to our primary targets, and the vague distant hope of starting a trans-atlantic route.

Time, and money, will tell which of our plans will see the light of day.