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Part 8: Business Plan - 1956

Business Plan -1956

Primary Objectives:
5 - Confirm Rome as Euro-Hub
5 - Open Rome-London Route
4 - Establish Presence in Hong Kong, Develop into Far East Hub
We’ve made our bed in Europe, so now we’ll sell tickets to it. Our new friends in Britain will be first in line. We’ll take better advantage of their goodwill by setting up to cram as much Air and Business as we can into that little island of theirs out east.

Secondary Objectives:
2 - Business in Australia, London, and Rome
2 - Connect Cairo and Bombay
2 - Bid in Berlin
2 - Set up Far East routes via Hong Kong
1956 will be spent spreading our wings. Europe and Asia will become our first battlegrounds, so we will focus on getting into some of their better cities. As with our fleet, we’ll take advantage of our neutral position in the Cold War to dip into east and west. We’ll also sponsor Iran’s Olympic team by sneaking in a business deal in Australia, hoping to close it before the games get underway. Even if we miss them, it will give us a hook down under and send a message to ConAir.

Stretch Goals:
1 - Establish African hub and connect Lagos
1 - Connect Paris
1 - Buy a Boat
We’ll have to enter Africa eventually to win, but it can wait until we’re active in some higher-demand zones. We also set a tertiary target for growing in Europe, and will spend millions entirely to indulge an investor's personal tastes.

We’re becoming a proper Megacorp.

So it is written, so it is done. The polls are closed. Next, we take off to the brave new world of 1956.