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by Nyaa

Part 4: French Bread

Hold on, got an email.

Mission: Head To The Akihabara Vigilante Corps Hideout

I’m starving, gotta get some food.

The clerk greets me with enthusiastic boredom. She knows I am one of those Otaku bargain buyers who horde their money for anime products. She’s correct.

The cheapest food item is the French Bread. It will do.

Thanks for coming.

I will visit the other places later. I got a date to attend.

The world map. Only one new place is unlocked, but first…

I got tired of holding that bread, so I sling/stick it to my back. Now I am prepared for any social event without going hungry!

The backstreet… Ah, she’s at the right corner.

Is that a baguette on your back!?
You never know. Ration. Self-defense. Anything.
What do you mean self-de-

Suddenly, a random event npc interrupted my date.

Wait, is that a French bread on your back?
… Whatever, you have money?

1) N-no money with me now.
2) Sure
3) I can give you my clothes.

Are you mocking me! Die!

That hoodlum took out an aluminum pipe; I took out my French bread in response.

OW! Now you’ve done it, asshole!

Secret Technique of French Toast Lord -

Au Revoir no Wee Wee!

OUGGH! You stabbed me! With a French bread!
It's called baguette.

This silliness took awhile.

Both his shirt and pants are flashing red. That means…

What the heck!? HOW!?

Screw this! I am out of here!

Hey, you left your pipe… Told you to take my clothes.

Now, where were we? You were asking something?
Nevermind. Let’s go.