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Part 6: First Hunt

Mission: Return to Base

That was unsightly of her, but I shall oblige.

The Akihabara Vigilante Corps is not just a neighborhood watch.

It’s a… Hobby group.

Your arrival means you are ready, yes? Then take this. It’s a Vampire Identifier.

Obtained identification ability [Mobile Camera]

Use this to identify the vampires among the populace. It’s integrated into your phone as an app so you can use it immediately. This is the fruit of our research; please take care of it… Now, I will give you the order: Show us your capability in battle. Identify vampires in Backstreet and get rid of them. Your cooperation will also prove the willingness of this neighborhood watch to assist us. Don’t forget this is the real fight. May the urge to strip be with you… Now, go.

Mission: First Vampire Hunting

Realizing the significance of the mission, I went home to change and bring my big ass old keyboard as a shield.

Hopefully this is adequate preparation for the coming battle because I have no idea what to prepare for a real vampire battle.

Turning on my camera app with the Select button... Press O to take a picture…

Th-the girl in front of me is not showing up in the photo!

She looks at me with disgusting eyes like I am a creepy Otaku taking a photo of the girls… Which is technically true.

I think she’s considering calling the cops. I better act fast.

1) Die, you monster!
2) I am here to hunt you!
3) It’s nothing…

I am here to hunt you! *Pull out Keyboard Shield +1*
*Gasp* A real life murder-stalker who will do unspeakable things to the dead body!
Wh-what!? No! I-
Too bad you messed with the wrong vampire!
D-did you just admit that you’re a vampire?
Die, scum! *Pull out sharp-looking umbrella*

Ahhhhh! Save me, Keyboard Shield +1 !

Screw it; I will just use it as a weapon.

It’s surprisingly effective. I will up it to 2/5 later.

He’s a vampire hunter! Get him!

Reinforcement! OW! Why does the juice bottle hurt so much!?

Oh, it’s a full bottle. The liquid does add a lot of weight!!

Don't forget I'm here too!
Get him! He already took out one of us!

It’s not easy fighting two enemies at once!

But I shall persevere with my twisted ribcage!

I hope that juice bottle is not leaking. I could use a drink.

That was a really close call. So this is what a real battle is like.

Obtain 10000 Yen

We were observing you from afar. Excellently done. Mr. Sejima has high hopes for your talent…
I can’t even believe it myself. Just a few days ago, you were a complete outsider… That means I can rest assured when I hand you more difficult assignment in the future.
Which brings us to your next target, Abeno Yuu. He’s the one who assaulted your friend and then you. He’s a difficult opponent who has taken down many of our comrades. Find him and defeat him. Although it’s Mr. Sejima’s judgment, I thought it would be too much for you to handle… But after watching your battle, I think you can do it. He has a good eye for people.
To lure him out, we will give you responsibility for two additional areas. It’s a joint operation with other agents, but they each have their own duties and won’t be able to actively support you. That’s why, please be fully prepared. Now, please have this, Kanta.

Obtain Tungsten
Obtain Kevlar x3

You need to take care of yourself from now on. For that reason, you have to strengthen your equipment. These materials can be used for weapon and clothing enhancement. It’s not as complicated as it seems. You will figure it out when you use it. I believe there’s an old store at the Backstreet of Akiba that sells these materials too. However, the store is usually closed to wait for their import.

Lastly, the locations are In front of the Station and Central Avenue South West. The details will be sent to your email. Good luck.