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Part 14: JKV

That side jobs took a bit longer than I liked, but we are now back on track.

Welco- It’s you... The scum.
I see my reputation precedes me
What do the kind of your want with our fine establishment?
Mere purchase of necessity. Even villain needs to look classy.
But do you have the wealth to afford our fine commodities?
More than enough. If you don’t mind the dirty channels that it came from.
We accept all credit cards.

Now that I am a well-to-do businessman, I should bring my 14’ LCD Monitor to emphasize my extravagant taste of modern technology and wealth.

Greetings, gentleman. Brought your on-the-go face-to-face online conference equipment today?

Oh, this looks great! It doesn’t look like an imitation at all!
Uhuh, you look so cool.
Just like that, she will walks up to you in no time!
We will watch from afar.
Do your best!

Hey, hey, handsome. Would. You. Like… To have some fun?

Great! Then, let’s find a good place.

1) Let’s go.
2) No, we do it here.

Let’s go.

This foul stenches of… Imitation product! Whaaaat the heeeck~ Sooo cheeeep~ Gah, oh no! No one say it like that anymore! My age has been revealed! Guh! Now I want to beat you up! Although I don’t want to cause trouble in this place… But this have to be done. Now that you know my age, I can’t let you live… This place really isn’t good for taking blood… Then I shall strip you up in front of the train station! You shall be arrested for exposure in public and lost the trust of society! Everyone! Strip him!


No, we do it here.
WHAT!? H-here!? Hey, what the heck… There’s a lot of people here in broad daylight… What kind of special festish do you have…
*Ready weapon*
Eh, ah, h-hold it. Hey, you for real… What with the enthusiasm…? Hm. That stance… Could it be? An agent!? … I was fooled… Fine, I will be your opponent. Everyone! Strip him!

Female high schooler uniform is the mysterious veil that protects a maiden’s body. It will be stripping by a mere agent!

This might be the most difficult fight I encounter so far!

In addition to fighting four vampirized school girls, crushing head on with their leader results in…

Mutual explosion.

Suffice to say, judging by the way we both landed, we are about equal strength.

Therefore, taking out her underlings as soon as possible would be the best tactic.

Apparently these girls go berserk when I strip them. Those backpacks are not empty.

I was forced into the entrance of the train station.

A strategically disadvantage dead end that would spell my doom.

Thankfully I was able to recover my pants.

Which I promptly lost it again. I need to be on the offensive.

Vampire Art -

Blood Sucking (through the helmet)

Those two girls are temporary stunned from the blood lost and hindering the others from reaching me.

This gave me the time to perform a powerful whirlwind attack.

Minions dispatched.

Now it’s just you and me, ‘old lady’.

For your information-

I have already lost all the trust of society.

Very cool, indeed.
… A passionate emotion awakened in my heart.
Ah, yeah, yeah! Kanta defeated JKV and Ms. Midoh immediately sent this message: “I didn’t expect you to become such an elite agent in such a short time, which quite surprising.”
Ohhh, maybe you will get promoted soon.
Is there more rank to an agent?
No idea.

Gain 18000 Yen

I suppose I could replenish my war fund in the meantime.

Mission: Take Side Job

There’s a new job arrived just now. A pretty suitable job for you.

A date as a job… Location is near the café at the Old Merchandise Street. Client is Fumidzuki Rui… *shake head* But, this feels strange… Please be careful, Kanta.

1) Understood
2) Give me another job


Ahhhhh! Rui asking me for a date! How bold! I can’t wait to see what she wrote on the mission content! Could it be filled with lovely content? A love letter!?

Th-this almost looks like a copy and paste from some dating site, but…

This must one of those sarcasm letters! She wants to break up with me!

Give me another job!

I must make amend to my Waifu. It’s time for the redemption of The Scum.