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Part 22: For Honor, or Love?

”Rui” posted:

Are you well, Kanta?

Thanks for helping me. If you weren’t here, things might not had gone so well… Hm, certainly won’t end well.

I thought everyone would riot when I took everyone out of the stage, but they just grumble and left. This gone better than expected!

I heard from my acquaintances that you fought with my sisters. It’s truly amazing that you won and didn’t kill them! I might not be able to handle them at all…

I am back at uncle’s shop at the moment.

My sisters probably won’t do anything for a while after their defeat. Any minor activities they might decide to do next should be manageable by my side. It can’t be helped that I am under surveillance in the meantime, and running to further place places might attract the attention of the agency.

My sisters are in contact with mother now.

Getting scolded?

Thank you for coming, thank you for helping me, and many many many more thanks…

I might have more things to depend on you in the future, let’s do our best together.

PS: If you need anything, please ask. I might not be able to move around easily, but anything I can do, I will do it.

I’m sure the only reason they didn’t riot is because they are all exhausted.

”Midoh posted:

Message: Hurry back to the Akihabara Vigilante Corps.

I will get there ASAP after wearing some clothes.

Much better. The anime portrait waifu will watch my back.

How is it?
It have an amazing taste. The cup is high quality work, and your services are excellent, Ms. Sara. This feels like a full café experience.
I am honored by your acknowledgment.
This place lack a balcony. It would be best to have a little sunlight.
Unfortunately, that isn’t something we can manage at the moment.

…Wh-what’s going on? It feels like we got blamed for something…
Sunlight won’t be good for a secret hideout. It’s best they are underground.
Y-yea. Strange machines that keep spinning and sound ominous lighting…
Ah, I understand it perfectly! That’s the feeling!
I always like that kind of environment, so this is the place I decided to build the secret base for the Akihabara Vigilante Corps.
…But it seems Ms. Sara has somewhat added her personal touch.
… By the time we realized it, it has become like this, although it’s quite convenient…
… It’s a matter of time before this place turn into a café.
Women just can’t understand the romance of men! On the other hand, I won’t really feel good if they understand it either.
Ah, I know what you mean. It’s quite unbelievable.
Hm, hm.
In the end, man and woman are two incomprehensible species.
Ha, that’s very philosophical.
Truly the Nobu who have rich experiences of woman… Limited to adult game at least.

(I overheard it all…)
… Please don’t mind them.
… Ugh.
If you have time, please come to the café I work in and I will take good care of you.
… Oh, that… I don’t quite get that kind of café. Something about ‘Moe’? I don’t’ get what it means.
Please be reassured. There are other traditional maid café I can recommend. The one I work in is that kind of cafe.
Th-then I will give it a visit when I have time.
I am grateful… But, those kind of ‘Moe’ café might be unexpectedly suitable for you, mistress.
… Mistress…? E-eh, ye… ah? (… Why do I have a feeling that Ms. Sara’s eyes have that look of discovered a prey… Just like master’s…)
… Indeed, however, not as a guest, but as a server, which I meant you have the quality to become an elite maid… What do you think? If you are willing, I hope to recommend you to our café. At free time or between work… At a completely different work environment to become a different person who serve a master. I think it’s very interesting.
Ah, that’s… I don’t really get what you are saying…
In other word, even though you are unskilled, yet you work hard to convey your feeling to master… Like that.
If you will entrust me to the task, you can become a unique maid in a week, a head maid in a month…
Ah, I am quite satisfy with how it is here… Hm, so… Sorry.
I see. Pardon my discourtesy.
… It’s fine.
It’s a habit of mine to try recruiting people with talent. My apologies.
Um, yeah. (I don’t think she’s a bad person…)

Mr. Sejima will be here to explain the detail of the mission soon. In the meantime, I will explain the situation. As mentioned in Kanta’s mail, someone saw the queen of the vampire has returned to Akiba. Along with her are some battle-hardened bodyguards…
… That wo-would be a problem…
… Yes. At the same time, this is also our chance. She let her children handle the Reclusivelization plan while on-the-run all over Japan to avoid our pursuit. We have to spread our human resources because of that.
Ah, you guys have that many agents?
I thought the agency would have more agents than vampires… But, I see the queen did a good job at spreading those agents all over Japan…
So, what is the chance you talk about?
(Sounds like this will be a long recap of what I already know…)
1) (There might be something I missed)
2) (Don’t bother)

(Don’t bother… It’s just a recap about the hierarchy system of the vampire.)
That’s the gist of it.
Now that we have some time, any question?

1) Ask about the next queen
2) Ask about Agent
3) (Nothing worth asking)

Mostly recap or inferior information.

(Nothing worth asking)
… I will ask.
Where did NIRO get their information from? This shouldn’t be something that can be obtained through investigation.
That kind of information actually exist in ancient war time documents.

Due to various reasons, records of their species are documented and those data are in our hand. Some even have supernatural of other monsters. As long as we can verify the authenticity of the document, they will be treated as data.
… Even so, you shouldn’t be able to grasp at their current situation.

… Hm, it’s human skin.
… Huh?
It’s nothing… You have been staring at me like you have a grudge with me, so I have to verify. My apologies.
… Now that we are clear, may I ask another question?
Hm, yes.
Even though you have ancient documentation of them, it shouldn’t have record of what they are doing now, right?
Right. There is none…. Yet, we have other ways.
Do you think I spent the last few dozen years blindly pursuing them? We caught a few samples and the information came from them.
…! Are they still alive?
Good question. This is related to the mission. Due to improper preservation, they all died.
… What’s with you?
… It’s nothing.
In other word, we need new sample. Preferably someone related to the queen. I hope you all can help me obtain it. A vampire named Moriizumi Suzu was spotted nearby. Capture her.
Although she doesn’t seem to be the daughter of the queen, but it won’t hurt to capture her.
… What do you plan to do after capturing her?
… Are you that worried for her?

… It won’t hurt to tell you. We will pry informations from her, especially info about the successor, and lastly, we need her blood.

What’s with your conflicted face? It’s pretty simple. You, Kanta. Vampirization.
… !
You are fighting fire with fire?
Yes, we can fight them equally if we can obtain their blood. The need for it has greatly increased ever since the queen has taken actions a few days ago. Those ‘stocks’ are spent.
… ‘stocks’ means…
We are at a disadvantage position against the inevitable showdown with the queen. We can’t even guarantee blood to those agents that are pursuing the queen.
… That mean you are…?
No, I…
The agents in Akiba didn’t use the blood.
Blood are last resort, to protect the nation and to protect humanity would we ever be forced to use those dirty bloods of monster…
Hahahaha. You don’t have to keep emphasizing the monster part.
How we envy you, Kanta. To obtain the blood of the relative vampire that grants long life and enhanced ability. It makes people envious just from the data comparison of that blood against the regular one. However, the effect of that blood should be fading soon… Hopefully you can maintain your sense of self. Vampirization is like a dangerous drug. Although you will fear the sunlight, but you gain insurmountable benefits in exchange. Ceased aging and enhanced physical ability, but the depression and sense of hopelessness when the effect faded could be quite traumatizing. You feeling of aging, the heavy feeling of the body, as if you don’t own your body anymore… Those are just your body returning to normal. However, if we can keep supplying the body with those bloods until it completely accepts it, you can become vampirized permanently… That’s according to the result of our research… It’s an attractive application, but there are still many issues with it.
Won’t that ruined the point of fighting them?
… You could say that.
… Mr. Sejima.
I know… We are getting off topic. As I was saying, please help us capture Moriizumi Suzu. She’s a troublesome target since she ran really fast. Keep an eye out for her if she escapes our pursuit. Every little bit helps. I hope you will fully support us as always, Kanta.
…Capture her, pry information, and draws blood from a girl.
Have you eaten meat? Those cute and smart little pig, cow, sheep, and even roe. You eaten them, correct?

They mgiht look like human, but we shouldn’t feel sorry for them. However, I will respect your opinion and it’s fine if you refuse to participate.
… No, please let me participate.
… Very well. You are an outstanding individual and this is for the nation and humanity. Is there anyone who wish to not participate?

Well, if you can give us some funding.
Most certainly. NIRO have strong financial backing and is very well funded.

1) I don’t really like it.
2) But I will do anything for money.

I don’t really like it.
… Sorry, please participate. Although it would only take a short amount of time, but we don’t have enough agents to cover all area. The more coverage we have, the better… You can understand that, right?

But I will do anything for money.
Good to know. No emotional attachment is good. We hope to see success.

Now then, I have other things to attend to, pardon me. *Leave*
Contact us when you are ready. Farewell. *Leave*

”Midoh” posted:

Begin operation, Kanta. Everyone will begin pursuing her when we verified her location. All surveillance staffs and field agents will ambush and engages her.

I have something else to talk with you. Please come to the roof top. I will be waiting.

Let’s me get to your mission objective. Please be ready at the Park. The goal is to capture, so try to not kill if you do meet her. Try not to cause trouble for anyone… Ah, no, it’s just… Everyone doesn’t seem to like the plan.

They looked so much like human. My heart just can’t stomach it as I watch them turned to ash for the first time… But Mr. Sejima talked with me about it… His sublime goal for humanity; the willingness to discard his own dignity to work without being distracted. That determination… When I understood it, I feel like an idiot for being troubled by my trivial distresses. What I suffered is nothing worth calling it a problem.
If I have to describe it, the me in the past was like a child being troubled by life. A far cry from what people would consider troubling. I can mull over it if it disturbs me enough to make me quit… I will have plenty of time to do it. Putting down these feeling is the minimum I should do as an NIRO agent. Any troubling thoughts can wait… I will stake all my heart and belief in that man’s dream, and give it my all… That’s what I believe in. After so many missions and battles, I could proudly declare I didn’t make the wrong choice.
I traveled the world before joining the agency and prior to the Reclusivlization Plan. After that, young people who gave up on their future begin to appear one by one.
Kanta, they knew what would happen to people that have their blood drained… Like a vegetable, both mind and body suffered an enormous burden… They could have a bright future and smile, but it’s all stolen away by them. If this is not a sin, then nothing is. In order to not increase the number of victims, I finally understand the needs to wipe them out.
It would be good for anyone in the corp to find time to chat with Mr. Sejima… But the urgent situation now would make it quite implausible… What a shame.

… Ah, s-sorry, I dragged on too long and wasting your time… This battle with the queen also troubles me at a subconscious level. Go listen to other people, collect yourself… Sorry.

1) Don’t worry about it.
2) …

Don’t worry about it.
You are so kind, Kanta. I am glad to become your partner-in-law and as friend…
Now, go take your position at the Park. The capture of Moriizumi Suzu might become a great help to the recovery of your friend. Let’s do our best!

I think I got friendzoned.

At least I can cry alone here.

”Midoh” posted:

The plan to ambush Moriizumi Suzu failed. She has guards with her, and she managed to get away in time. According to eye witnesses, she seems to be heading toward the direction of the Park. Anyone near that location should be extra vigilant. I will pursue her.
Oh, damn it! Give me a moment to shed my manly tears!

… Eh…? Could you be…?
… It’s not true, right…? You say you would help us, and I even introduced Ms. Sara to you… Rui said you can be trusted… Why…?

A) Don’t let her go.
B) Let her go.

This is it. The beginning of a series of choices that will determine which faction and ending we will end up. All plot armor are off the table.