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Part 30: Our Street

Kanta, you who have this power for so long... No, you didn't take as much as I do, yes?

Rui got kicked across the room. He’s strong.

Ha, ha, ha! Be good and stay there. I have other uses of you.

Now, mister Kanta, what do you plan to do?

1) I won’t hand Rui to you! I will defeat you!
2) This is the goal of NIRO?
3) I just remember something, I got to go.

This is the goal of NIRO?
NIRO? Haha, hell no. The directive goals of NIRO are control by someone else… Although I do not know what that old man is thinking, but I doubt it would be far from this. Doesn’t matter who have this blood, I don’t intend to be his dog forever. To take away everything of his, I endured everything till now… Anyway, it’s a shame that no one will be here to save you. No matter if it’s from NIRO or human… Try and give me some entertainment.

I just remember something, I got to go.
That won’t do. This body with power filled to the brink requires some field testing… You won’t mind, yes? Actually, your opinion doesn’t matter… Let’s begin.

I won’t hand Rui to you! I will defeat you!
Is that so. You think you can underestimate at me? Fufu, interesting. I do want to test out this power of mine.

YEAH! A real battle with street-legal weapon!

That’s a high grade steel baton there, but I don’t think you are holding it right.

Or maybe you do.

He then traps me in a corner to unload his air-combo fury on me. I have to bear-hop out of it.

Narratively speaking, I got owned.

*Sheathe Weapon* HAHAHAHAHAHA! This power is undefeatable! You little bit strength of the Queen is incomparable! Scientifically speaking, I, who obtained the Queen’s blood, have become superhuman!

Kanta! Take my blood… That’s the only way!
Ah yes, not a bad idea. But, I won’t let you!

Oh! Midoh!
Mr. Sejima, what happened!? You look…
You did well, Midoh. I am leaving of NIRO, and as a human being.
… Ha? Mr… Sejima? Wha- Did you become a monster because of the blood!?
Can’t you understand we are evolving into a more powerful specie by taking the power of these monster?
All the battle till now… Y-you can’t be serious!?
You think the true goal of NIRO is really to destroy the vampires?
The strength of the vampire can be beneficially applied to any field of science: Biology, Medicine, Military, etcetera! Keeping it all to our nation. This, is the goal of NIRO. Of course, this is also a lie by that old man who is about to turn over.
That can’t be! NIRO isn’t controlled by the government or any financial group…
You should understand that only human would do something like this. Unlike the vampire with a group based mentality of hierarchy, human are the lowest selfish trashes. Just like me, cast away my old and frail body to obtain this powerful strength… So simple and attractive. To obtain this, I have lied times and times again, all to trick fools like you…
T-this is... Betrayal! Yes, betrayal to the nation and human-kind!

Midoh tries to charge him but got sent flying instead.

What a waste of time… *Turn around* Oh dear…

Thanks, Midoh. I own you one.

I too, smear blood of the Queen on my outfit to look fashionable.

… Interesting. You are quite the curious one. Now both sides are even… Very well. Let’s this be our battle, one on one, to the death. Here I come, Kanta!

Super Sonic Falcon Punch.
GUH! Wh-what is this power!?
Sorry, I actually could beat you without that powerup.

But if you really want to put it into numbers, it’s over 9000.

That kick is for my waifu. And backup waifu

Now be good and stay here. I will come over from the other side.

Wouldn’t want my waifu to get caught in the meltdown.

*Cough* Ha, even though you could had defeated me normally, you too desire power!

Uh, no? When your girlfriend asks you to suck her, you don’t say no.
… I’m tire of this. Prepare to die!

Woah, woah, hold on. This is my final battle, at least let me do a special move.
What stupidity are you sprouting now?

… You can’t be serious.

Huh!? What is this insurmountable level of energy!?


Im-impossible! How could this be!? It took me twenty years to achieve it… Such a chance slipping away… Just like that!?

You don’t even deserve to be hu-
I GOT IT… I HAVE IT IN MY GRASP! I-I have it… ! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! GAHHHHHHH!

Your black-pink underwear is really ruining all your villain scenes, man.

Mr… Sejima… ? I…

To forgo my comrades, and live as a human… My mother… Your grandmother, many relatives, and even my children… I abandoned them all in my journey for that goal. Then, I met that person.
A plain man that can be found anywhere. But I really wanted to have a family with that man, and live the rest of our lives as human… I did everything to disguise myself as human, married him, and gave birth to his child.

In this little household of three, we live together. All I wanted was to live peacefully as a human… An existence that’s full of happiness like a dream. However, this didn’t last long... He gradually begins to realize the strangeness of my background and my body. It’s a matter of time before he discovers the truth. Instant healing from injury, for example, is one of those things that sprouted doubts in his heart… This suspicion grown larger and lager until it exploded.
Monster… You don’t have to say it anymore…
… Hmph.
“Stay away, you monster!” That’s what he said to me. Then he cut this hand that he treated as treasure not so long ago. That is how it ended… You know the rest after that. He ran away from home without his shoe and never came back.
It might be best if I had died back then…
… That’s why you looked down on human… You created that plan to make me disfavor human… Is that right… ?
Too bad it done the opposite...

1) Live! For Rui!
2) H-hold it!

Live! For Rui!
Dead or alive, my existence is no longer needed by the Vampire. That’s why, Rui… Follow your Belief till the end. You have the right to do so…
… And, you also have a partner who will support you, right, Kanta?
My daughter… Please take care of her. She is my most important… With that man…
Mother! I don’t want it like this!


It feel like I could save her if I make a few different choices in the past, but I don’t know how.

Phew, these few weeks feel like a dream.
It’s normal to think that when the incident is so insane.
Unbeknownst to us, something like this did occur before… Just kidding.
The impossible is possible, that’s what make this street amazing.
However, not a trace of that incident was found. Our street is just like usual.
Yes. Every store is still operating as usual.
Except DBP, what happened to them… ?
Don’t worry, Gon! Rui and the Shopkeeper are persuading them for the sake of coexisting with human! I am sure their hard work will get through them.
She is the new Queen after all… But, she can do it even without that title.
Why is that?
A difference in specie… Isn’t a problem for this street.
Ahaha, you can say that! No one would care as long as you stay out of trouble here.
Also… Rui have friends she can depend on.
… DBP…
By the way, how are those people who got their blood sucked?

Oh, if it isn’t Ms. Midoh!

… Ohh.
When that is done… NIRO’s role will be over. Ah… Before that, I need to capture that Master who escaped with her servants.
Although she isn’t a bad person, but it’s dangerous to leave her as it is… She is a bad influence to society…
… ?
Anyway… You aren’t fighting the Vampire anymore?
Not many people know about the existence of vampire even within the government. This incident will be resolved behind the scene and close without any record.
Is it protect Mr. Sejima’s reputation… ?
… That’s one of the reason along with the fact that the main financial benefactor of NIRO has recently passed away. Leaving only a few people on the top, NIRO will be absorbed by the government.
Then, do you still wish to fight?

But you helped us in our time of crisis, thank you so much!
…! I…

There’s absolutely no monster back there. I don’t know what to believe anymore or what to do next.
Ms. Midoh.
For now, I will stay here to observe them and their plan for the future. After that, I will decide the path for my future…
In other word, NIRO will be disbanded, and you need a new job?
… What?
I will be able to train you into a top class maid in no time.
Eh, ah, no… That’s…
Oh dear…

I just realized the café is tomato themed.

Ah, Kanta. You are taking too long-
Is your body well?
That’s good. Looks like things are calming down.
I believe we can only get this far all because of the Vigilante Corp. that Mr. Yatabe created. I must thank you all for the chance to keep this shop open…
But Mr. Shopkeeper also did his best! You visited many places as the representative of the Vampire. You told them everything and even lower your head to apologize…
That’s enough. I didn’t do much. It’s everyone here who helped me to come into this understanding… Although not everyone can understand us, but I am thankful…
It was due to your good reputation too.

Ah, by the way…
… Rui is still deeply traumatized by her mother’s death. Could you spend sometime to relief her pain?
She never show it in front of us, but you can tell when she stares at something far away…
That is certainly like her. I hope she can overcome it.
… Hm.
… Alright. Since you are here. How about a coffee?

Is it tomato flavored?

Uncle, Kanta is waiting for Rui!
Oh my, I didn’t even notice it. My apology, I will go call for her now. *Leave*
Geez. Anyway, I should leave too.
Do your best, Kanta. *Leave*

Thanks for waiting, Kanta. Did something happened? Suzu have this smirk on her face… Hmph. Forget it. Let’s go, Kanta.

… Um, Kanta…

You said back then you will realize all my willful wishes… So…
So… I made a really serious decision last night…We only… Kiss… For blood, right? S-so… I want a normal… bloodless… Kiss… Can I?
… Hm.

My kiss got interjected by the ending credit!

What happened to my kiss?


Let’s go and have fun! To our street!

Oh well, at least I protected her smile.