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Original Thread: INFIDELS! You Have Touched The Forbidden Thread! - Let's Play Aladdin SNES


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Who remembers the golden age of licensed games? The days when despite the fact that they were just for marketing strategy, these games were well-developed and proven to be decent or even great games? I think it's safe to assume that this game, even though it's not one that stuck out as well, is a great part of that pile of actual effort.

Although as children, we did not grow accustomed to an Aladdin who jumps on his foes, at least he demonstrates some unique aspects of platforming that you wouldn't find in many other games in this time.

Joining me on this adventure are Fuyomama and Andre The Walrus; two friends of mine from the JusticeFriendsBlog.

Allow me to explain some basic game mechanics!

1 - Health And Lives: These explain themselves pretty well. Extra hearts are attainable by either collecting 100 gems, a red sphere, or landing on the Genie in the Break Time wheel.

2 - Apples: Apples can be thrown at enemies. Normal enemies will be stunned, but smaller ones will be defeated.

3 - Gems: Gems are scattered throughout the game. Collecting 100 of them will earn you an extra heart. Red gems are worth 3; there are 10 red gems in every stage and collecting them is required for 100% completion.

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