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Part 6: Bonus - A Whole New World

Gullwhacker posted:

All in all, things seem to be going well. But then you're trying to get all the red gems and you're about to hit the Bonus Stage, so I laugh at your impending misery. Ha, ha.

Laugh no longer!

A Whole New World

Technically, this stage is a bonus level. You know, we haven't really gone over this game's music, aside from me complimenting it from time to time. This game's music is really great, whether it be a song from the movie remade, or an original. This level is the one that will flaunt that effectively.

These 10 red gems are probably the hardest ones to collect in the game. You only have one chance to collect them; it autoscrolls, and you can't kill yourself. If you're playing along, good luck!

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