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Alice in Wonderland

by FredMSloniker

Part 16: In which Alice spends eight hours doing two things.

Potsticker posted:

Would she fit through in her smallest size?

No, I move diagonally as I ascend; the hole is both thin and long, and I'd be unable to avoid hitting the sides.

Hamelin posted:

Do we go in that door by the Cheshire Cat closest to the beginning of the rabbit hole?

That's the answer! I wasn't able to reach this door before. It'd be tricky to try to fly up to it with the top hat, so I'll just string a rope across with the whisker and walk.

You must have excellent balance.

It's a 2-D game; where would I fall?

And this must be the 'other tea party' everyone's been talking about. Disappointing attendance, though.

Technical limitations, I'm sure. At least someone's still here.


(I hope this isn't another Red King situation.) Hello? Excuse me, am I in the right place?

Well, if you were me, I'd say I was right by me. I think.

Yes, that clears it right up, thank you. And you are?

The Dormouse.

Pleased to meet you, Mister Dormouse. My name's Alice.

There's nothing else to do but sleep. The other party was cancelled on account of sunshine.

On account of sunshine? That's a strange reason to cancel a tea party.

I'd like to see you run around all night and still be wide awake in the afternoon.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend. Please, calm down.

What a capital idea! Zzzzzzzzz.

...I don't know what to do here.

Relax, I'll handle this. Hey, rat! I thought mice went 'squeak squeak', not 'zee zee'!

Of course, I know how to make sounds other than snoring. I know a lullaby.

Shut your beaks! Shut your beaks!
You'll have jobs within four weeks.
Whisk, whisk, briskly whisk.
You'll be dusters without much risk.

(To the tune of 'Sweet and Low'.)

Well, I know who to turn to if I need rudeness.

Thank you. You know, I never knew what tune that was as a kid. Fortunately, these days you can do musical searches on the Internet. Thank you, Internet!

As it happens, I've been looking for a lullaby for some time. Let's go try it out.

Yes, let's!

It's the fiiiynaaaayl coooountdyoooown! Dede dee dee deee! Dede dee dee! Dede dee dee dee dee deeee!

Um, excuse me...

Dede dee deeee! Dede dee dee deee! Dede dee deeee! Dede dee dee dee dee deeee--


--dede deee, dede dee dee dee dee deee dee deeeeee adidledidle deeeeeee--


Wha? Oh, sorry, I was tired of 'Yakity Sax'.

They won't be able to hear me sing the lullaby if you're not quiet.

Right, sorry. Go for it.


Shut your beaks! Shut your beaks!
You'll have jobs within four weeks.
Whisk, whisk, briskly whisk.
You'll be dusters without much risk.

(To the tune of 'Sweet and Low'.)

It worked!

I guess they're too young to understand the lyrics.

And she's gone too. I can reach the mirror now!

For those of you wondering at home, no, you can't fly over the bird with the top hat. You hit an invisible barrier, much like trying to jump over the executioner failed.


Why'd you do that? We've been told repeatedly that the mirror only opens at twelve.

After having to do all that backtracking for a single song, I guess I got impatient.

Good thing there's a clock close by so we won't miss our chance.

Five hours? What am I going to do to pass five hours?

Well, I for one am glad this game isn't real time. Sucks to be you, though.

Alice, wake up, it's twelve-o'clock!

Huhwhat? Oh! Finally!

Well, here goes...

Less talky more jumpy! The mirror doesn't stay open long!

Next time on 'Alice in Wonderland', we find out what's on the other side of this loading screen!

I think I'm going to be sick again...